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Rethink the way we teach our kids

THE role of education is to draw out the best in children and to develop their faculties. It is a complicated affair as it is supposed to equip children for life with the attributes for success.

Since lifestyle is constantly changing, the education content must also change accordingly. Schools are supposed to provide experience to children, so that when they leave school, they may lead useful lives.

The chalk-and-board method of teaching should no longer apply.

Beside textbooks, there are other learning tools for schoolchildren.
Neither should teachers rely on rote learning or memorising textbooks to regurgitate facts.

The days of using exams to gauge children’s academic ability should end as exams do not test their faculties.

Today’s teacher is no longer the sole arbiter.

Children, instead of being passive listeners, should be encouraged to be active participants.

To make education relevant and meaningful, children should be exposed to real-life situations.

They must know how to live as noble citizens and teachers must find creative ways to meet this goal.

Ideally, the school should be run as a republic, the headmaster or principal may preside over the republic, teachers serve as councillors and students as citizens.

School libraries and laboratories play a vital role. Students must be encouraged to visit libraries often and use laboratories for their assignments.

Playing fields, camps and organisations, such as Red Crescent Society and Scouts, must be used to shape children’s character.

Beside textbooks, there are other learning tools. In fact, there are hundreds of ways in which audio-visual aids can be used in classrooms.

Examinations must not be used to show the weakness of students, but as a yardstick to prove their all-round education.

Exam questions must be objective and logical. Examinations, while posing a challenge, must be welcomed by students.

To satisfy the diverse population, there must be diversity in programmes, approaches, resources, aims and room for experiment.
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