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Not everyone is meant to be a teacher

I think it is not too late to write about Teachers Day. Teachers are the backbone of society. Students observe May 16 every year to show their love to their teachers.

Schools celebrate it with activities, games and stage performances by teachers. Students put up cultural programmes as a token of respect for teachers.

Teachers receive presents from students, making them feel special as their hard work and dedication have paid off and they are honoured on this day.

Outstanding teachers receive awards such as The Most Loving Teacher and The Most Dedicated Teacher. The selection is based on their contributions to the development of the school and raising the standard of education in school.

Teaching is not a preferable job for many as compared with doctors and lawyers, who have higher social status and a handsome pay.

Sadly, teaching has become the last resort for many who fail to secure a decent job. But can those who end up teaching be good teachers?

Do they have the passion for teaching or are they just content as they have a secure job with a lifetime pension?

I believe those who have the passion and the desire to teach and make a difference in students’ lives should be in the profession.

Not everyone is destined to be a teacher as it requires sacrifice and dedication.

When I had a chat with one of my teachers, who received The Most Caring Teacher Award recently, she shared her views on being a good teacher.

For her, teaching is a calling. I have no qualms to say that she is an exemplary teacher.

I had dedicated teachers in my school days. Madam Adibah, who spoke English with a British accent, never failed to amaze me.

She was strict but that was not a problem and we didn’t complain.

A good teacher has a significant role in shaping the life of children, sometimes even more than their parents.

Dedicated teachers mould and influence students’ characters.

Students often view teachers as role models and rely on their guidance in their lives.
Sumati Muniandi Johor Baru, Johor NST Home News Opinion You Write 27 MAY 2016 @ 11:01 AM
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