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Humility a trait of true leaders

IN positions of leadership, be it at the national level, in institutions or businesses, in the community or in the home, humility is critical for the creation of an environment in which those whom one is responsible for feel respected and included.

Humility is reflected in selflessness — even sacrifice — in recognising the needs and concerns of others, and placing them above our own. It aims at helping those we lead to achieve more and be better individuals in pursuits that contribute to a common good.

Through determination, courage, integrity and the power of example, as set by leaders, people from all walks of life and in whatever situation cannot but take notice, learn something and change their own lives accordingly.

Sadly, today, in our tense, money-driven and often deceitful world, where we crave to draw attention to ourselves, it is not often that we find such an inspiration among those in positions of responsibility and authority.

Humility stands out as the one virtue that separates the good and the great from the self-seeking.

It constantly demands an honest assessment of one’s real merit, that we acknowledge our imperfections, admit when we are wrong and, then, change course for the better and greater good. It counsels against self-aggrandisement, which is rampant in this day and age.

Conventional wisdom often mistakenly holds selflessness, sacrifice and, above all, humility in daily life, business or politics as a sign of weakness and the inability to strive towards the highest goals.

In fact, pride, envy and greed obscure the idea that humility is indispensable to achieve success as leaders. Often, leadership is misconceived and misconstrued as authoritarian and dictatorial, exuding an aura of “I know it all” and “what I do is always right” — anything but humble.

Sometimes, we let our ambitions outpace our virtues and calibrate our actions. When we serve others by respecting their rights and strengthening their roles in life, the more success and achievement become meaningful.

The pursuit of success spurs people to soar above the rest.

Humility issues a warning against flying too high. It makes us less quick with a harsh word and more ready to listen.

In discovering our own fallibility, we find a keener sense and a clearer vision to lead. It is in our humility, through selfless service and sacrifice, that we will find true success as leaders — qualities to be admired for and, hopefully, those that many will learn from and strive to emulate. Rueben Dudley, Petaling Jaya, Selangor The STAR Home News Opinion Letters 1 JULY 2016 @ 11:09 AM
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