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Building success through accountability

THE obligation of an individual or organisation to account for their activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner constitute accountability.

Author Brian P. Moran defines accountability as “simply taking ownership of one’s actions and results.”

The fact of the matter is that successful people are accountable.


Leadership author Michael Hyatt considered the vitality of accountability both in leaders and in individuals: “When you make a mistake, own it. It will restore people’s confidence and increase your influence.”

People around you will respect you as it shows both humility and your willingness to learn.

Learning responsibility is a must too. Train yourself to be responsible before taking charge of a task. One who is truly responsible believes that overall success or failure depends on our action, even if we are working with a team.

A truly responsible person claims total responsibility, both the failures and success of a task but also deals with what is. It’s easy to claim responsibility when things go well, but it’s hard when they don’t.

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