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We'll be happy when we make others happy

TOO many times in life, we take things for granted and do not appreciate things as they are, sometimes to the point of questioning the meaning of life.

The meaning of life should not be questioned, especially if we are living a meaningful life. We can only recognise this if we know what life is.

But if we don’t live life, we won’t know what it’s all about. Perhaps, the best way to understand this is that we must remember that one day, sooner or later, we will die.

Death is definite. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or an atheist, the thought of death should be the starting point of realisation that we should live our life meaningfully.

To live life to the fullest does not mean that one has to die in tragedy but die in contentment. Nothing can make us happier than if we make someone happy.

Sometimes, it is hard to love. We cannot force ourselves to love others.

Love must come naturally; it makes you selfless. It makes you sensitive and, hence, caring. In other words, it makes you a good person.

The power of love that we have for different people varies, but the source of that power is the same — it comes from within us. We must attend to all these negative thoughts and feelings in us and we must be rational in confronting them, and look for that positive energy within us.

Love is like an airborne disease, it spreads. An instrument is built within us to detect other people’s sincerity.

An act is considered an act of kindness not because of the physical action but how it makes us feel.

The positive energy that we receive from others will amplify the positive energy within us, making us better persons and better humans. Eusuff Amin, Subang Jaya, Selangor NST News Opinion Letters 2 August 2016 @ 11:00 AM
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