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Being yes-men is a no-no

IN my experience working in the human resources field with local as well as multinational organisations, I am always astonished each time I see people becoming “yes-men” for personal gain.

The human resources field has given me an avenue to interact with a diverse group of people. As a professional, I have values and integrity that I will not compromise.

One of it is to not put on an act of liking a person as well as fabricate compliments to a superior — in other words, to “butter up” and “apple-polish” the boss to gain a safe or higher position in the organisational hierarchy.

It is very shocking to see people who talk bad about their superiors behind their backs but praise them when they meet them in person. This is totally unacceptable.

Once, I asked my friend, “Why do you pretend to be nice to your boss when he is with you but criticise him behind his back?” The reply was, “I have to act as if I like him in order to survive here long.”

I have observed many people who have gone up the corporate ladder by using the “butter up” route. However, they do not remain long in these positions or will live a mentally “insecure” life later.

Our progress in any organisation should come from our contribution and performance. Being duplicitous with regard to your superior is purely “cheating” and will not give you true happiness and peace.

Happiness is gained when our thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi himself believed in this precept. The congruence of all these attributes guarantees inner peace and happiness.

It is better to be silent and attain peace rather than to be dubiously nice to someone to gain material gratitude. Only elements gained through honesty and hard work will give us permanent joy and peace. Vigneswaran Kannan, Sitiawan, Perak The NST News Opinion You Write August 20, 2016
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