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Wise students should aim for 4 qualities, including respecting everyone

WE have our own ways on how to be excellent students. But what about becoming a wise student? I have a story to share.

In primary school, I tended to be left out because I acted and behaved differently. I was labelled a nerd and weird. The same happened in secondary school.

In any case, I learnt that maintaining a good relationship with teachers is a must. Another problem for me was at secondary school when I was elected head boy.

Some teachers showed their uneasiness with my appointment, which affected my motivation. When I surpassed top students in my class for the first time, my friends accused me of cheating. I faced my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia years with trepidation.

Students can enjoy every moment in their lives.
At matriculation, I learnt something. Becoming too good with people resulted in me being taken advantage of.

As a student leader, it’s my responsibility to treat everyone well but when I do so, I am stabbed in the back.

After graduating from matriculation, I did something extraordinary, something maybe nobody has done before in the country. I went to Form 6 for exactly 50 days while waiting for a university offer.

Everyone looked at me as if I’ve lost my mind, but believe me, I knew what I was doing. I want the experience that I can’t find anywhere.

I wanted to study something different, just for the sake of the studying itself, not studying for examinations as what I did for 12 years.

That stint made me mature and refreshed my thoughts. From my experience, there are four qualities that wise students should endeavour for.

First, respect everyone. No matter how old they are and how they treat you, respect them. This shows that you have a big heart. A heart as pure as that will enable you to study and achieve greater things you’ve never imagined.

Second, be good to everyone. My father taught me that if we treat people well, one day good things will happen to us, too. Help those in need. Be religious. Keep the Malaysian spirit in our heart.

Third, think outside the box. Remember when we study for our future, it should not be only to get As. Getting flying colours in exam results is undoubtedly important but don’t downplay the fact that there are those who have excelled in exams but failed to get good jobs. Certain jobs need interpersonal skills, something that don’t come from examinations.

Fourth, try to live our life to the fullest. Look around you. Enjoy every moment. Do not let anything take you down. Calm yourself and mature bit by bit. This aspect includes regular exercise, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Get close to your family as they’ve been with you through thick and thin.

Finally, do what feels right. Sometimes, we need to take into account what we really like. Hobbies? Do it. Make yourself happy. Be satisfied.

You can even do things that normal people won’t do. Why not? The experience is important in your life. Isn’t it good to be unique sometimes? But be unique in positive ways. I do hope this reading will inspire students. To all my matriculation friends, good luck.
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