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Saving at an early age

UNDER the National Higher Education Fund Corporation’s (PTPTN) latest savings scheme, SSPN-i Plus, account holders are encouraged to start saving for their children as early as a day old.

Focused on inculcating a habit of saving among parents and not wanting them to rely on loans alone, PTPTN recommends that parents open an account for their children when they are as young as a day old instead of opening at the age of 17.

Saving early in life helps parents plan for their children’s education and also acts an emergency fund in the event of unexpected situations.

Although parents may save in small amounts, consistency is key as it will be beneficial in the long haul.

The savings scheme is also recommended if account holders wish to enjoy its maximum benefits as it also provides a competitive dividend.

In May, PTPTN introduced a new concept called the “Rahsia RM1 Sehari!” (RM1 a day secret).

This allows account holders to deposit as little as RM1 a day or RM30 a month, under the Intan package.

By saving as low as RM1 a day, depositors have the opportunity to reap the benefits that comes with this investment.

A variety of six packages are available to choose from for their monthly commitment - Intan, Delima, Topas, Zamrud, Nilam and Berlian.

Monthly commitments range from RM30 for Intan to RM500 for Berlian.

Accounts can be opened at any PTPTN branch or through their Marketing Executives nationwide.

Interested applicants can also open an account online by visiting or by contacting one of PTPTN’s online marketing agents.

SSPN - i Plus is a savings scheme designed by PTPTN as an improvised version of the SSPN-i account as it provides affordable and comprehensive Takaful coverage to depositors.

It is akin to future dividends for depositors as they no longer need to worry about saving for their children’s future once they have opened an account with SSPN - i Plus.

Its benefits are rewarding considering its low monthly commitment fee.

Not only will account holders get takaful coverage, they will also be eligible for PTPTN’s SSPN-i Plus Wow! 2016/2017 draw. For every RM50 an account holder deposits, they are eligible for one draw.

The contest is opened to all SSPN-i Plus account holders who have opened and maintained an active account throughout the contest period.

More than 300 prizes worth RM1.5mil are up for grabs to depositors who open or add an SSPN- i Plus account from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

The grand prize in the annual draw is a Proton Perdana 2.4L. There are also three Toyota Vios, five Kawasaki ER-6f motorcycles and 250 consolation prizes of RM2,000 in cash up for grabs in the annual draw. There will be three quarterly draws throughout the contest period. A Honda Jazz 1.5L is the main prize with 20 consolation prizes each worth RM2,000 in cash to be won. The final date for the first quarterly draw is on Sept 30

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