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Don't let an incompetent leader keep you down

HAVING an incompetent leader would not pose any real problem but changes in management and administration practices will do just that.

An incompetent leader will change the working environment from one of collaboration, honest discussion and commitment to finger-pointing, backstabbing, hypocrisy and fear of the norm. Incompetent leaders tend to promote their own advancement.

They lack vision, communication skills and certainty to resolve conflicts. An incompetent leader depends on selected “senior middle officers” to survive.

It is those middle officers’ ability to communicate, manage and motivate teams that keep an organisation alive.

If a leader lacks the competency to run its team, morale diminishes, productivity and performance drops and, ultimately, the organisation fails.

 In retaining “better and reliable staff”, many good, high-performing mid-level employees are sometimes the first to be shown the door, while ineffective leaders stay.

The truth is that incompetent heads have always existed and will continue to stay even though they are the ones bringing irreparable harm to an organisation.

 We should not take it personally with such leaders as they are frustrated, weak and too shy to ask for assistance.

Observe what is going on with them and act right away on sudden changes.

Never confront. Counter from the beginning and it might stop the snowball effect for all.

Confronting is not easy to some, yet constructive conversation and open-minded discussions will help.

Avoid personal attacks. In an unhealthy environment, nothing looks good.

However, try to continue all the good things you’ve done.

Try to avoid all the bad things that have happened to you and work on things that you can improve on.

Make sure that you never allow people to tell tales about you or question your character.

 If you consider yourself a professional, just maintain your good work and ensure colleagues know your contribution to the team’s success. No one should doubt your true self.

Tell and share with others what you are capable of, share your strengths and create networking initiatives that you feel comfortable doing and commit to them.

A “good friend” within your organisation is sometimes your worst enemy. It is advisable not to seek comfort within the workplace.

Try not to complain about an incompetent head in the office.

Having an incompetent head teaches us something about things and people. The reality is most incompetent heads just move on and reinvent themselves.

You may work with them again.

However, if you manage to stay calm and think about the lessons you have learnt and how to counteract incompetent behaviour, you will have all the wisdom needed to become a better leader yourself in later years.

AZIZI AHMAD,  Segambut, Kuala Lumpur NST Opinion You Write Letters 5 OCTOBER 2016 @ 11:01 AM
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