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Grades must be earned, not given

I am responding to  ‘Over emphasis on grades, a worrying trend ‘ in the STAR November 6, 2016.
We really should be concerned and must agree that good grades should only be given to deserving students.

Source: The STAR Home News Education Sunday, November 13, 2016

Many educators would not fail anyone and teachers do acknowledge about reality about evolving grades.

To pass students who do not meet the requirements in quizzes, tests, homework, assignments, examinations and so forth is the most exceedingly terrible thing an educator can do.

Changing marks and grades is the most undermining commitment to students’ disappointment, and  it discredits your information. Your change will now be founded on unsound and useless information.

"How about we simply give them a pass and get them out of here", some may say. Don't we ever think this will cause issues down the road for us, or is it just saw as the cost of "working together" in schools today? I think it is both.

I am merely pointing out the significance placed on legal and official documents in all other professions, except teaching.

Report cards and transcripts are still considered legal documents. If you are the person who has altered one or one hundred to resolve changes in grades, it will effect your professional development than anything ever could.

Your grades are your data. Your teaching abilities will never enhance by having somebody subjectively call attention to your each shortfall.

You are who can create yourself, and the main routes is to keep up goal precise evaluations and use them to set benchmarks, objectives (short and long), break down each  measurement accessible, and create strategies.

Don’t let others tell you how to mark and grades your papers. Don’t change a single grade. No one knows you or your students better than you.

It’s not the “blotting” about student successes that is the worst of but the student grades that is just so wrong and counterproductive to professional development and growth.

If this practice doesn’t end soon, it will be our death knell. If you think you are being “overly-observed” now, just wait.

What would give administrators a reason to think we need to have our “teaching skills” reviewed over and over again?

Most of the time when candidates fail in their test or exam, it will be just “those damn tests ask the wrong questions, are biased, confuse the students, and create such emotional stress that our kids can’t possibly pass them”.

Did we ever think that by altering student grades that we are “passing” the student, but at the same time “failing” them in a whole different light? Possibly for the rest of their lives?

We all tell white lies now and then, but altering a grade so that a student passes when they should not have? That is changing the face of education.

We lied about their grades or shall we say, we “fixed” their grades and so how to fix this problem in our education system?

thestar_logo.jpgAzizi Ahmad The STAR Home News Education Sunday, November 13, 2016

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