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I am responding to the article ‘Ambitious 1BestariNet flawed from the start’ by Hazlina Aziz (NST, November 9, 2016)

The use of teaching aids such as Moodle or VLEFrog  help educators and consumers to make teaching and learning more flexible.

However, with some of the requirements of the national  educational transformation,  some changes had to be implemented.

Source: NST News Opinion You Write Letters BY AZIZI AHMAD - 14 NOVEMBER 2016 @ 12:06 PM

Previously Moodle is the most appropriate, but Malaysian schools turn to the alleged VLEFrog included in the planning and the transformation of education in Malaysia.

Moodle software is 'free'.  Moodle is patterned as 'Open Source', and therefore it has no licensing fees, and the initial cost of the preparation does not involve high costs.

For someone who is skilled in providing software settings (plugins), Moodle is the best solution. The use of Moodle does require staff and support staff who are experts and adept at setting software and the staff and users are encouraged to be given exposure and training to enable the use of buoyant.

Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is a learning platform that uses cloud-based computing (cloud) that allows administrators, managers, teachers and students teaching and learning platform to implement them into practice and the school environment.

Frog VLE can be navigated by using the Internet browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It can also be used as a basis for the learning environment that is designed as a source of self-directed learning. Maximum involvement in school will be able to improve the teaching and learning  in a safe learning environment.

With the diversity of functions according to the needs and uses of technology, the use of any software support for teaching and learning is very challenging.

Supplement with changes in work processes, different needs, sources of expertise, resources and limited knowledge of skills to be a great challenge to any software for teaching and learning.

Adjustment to school culture technology is also a factor to meet the challenges and aspirations of differences with existing systems, educators and users should be open and ready to maximize teaching aids provided.

Although the expectation is granted, enforce the use of information and communication technologies into all of the educational process at school and make information and communication technologies as a part of culture in everyday community life should be in the streamline.

Maybe we should go back to Moodle.

(File pix) Educators and users should be open and ready to use teaching aids, such as Moodle and Frog VLE.

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