kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Teachers may hold too much power if exams are abolished

I BELIEVE teachers will give the correct feedback to the Government on the proposed abolition of public examinations. After all, the heavy burden will be on teachers who are already bogged down by so many duties.

My concern, however, is if teachers are able to assess their pupils fairly without discrimination. With immense pressure on teachers from their principals who want to see outstanding results, what easier way than to produce excellent results by simply manipulating the marks.

I know of teachers giving tuition to pupils in their own school. Can we be sure that they will not leak exam questions or give specific hints in their classes?

I have heard stories of teachers who promote themselves as the best tuition teacher in the district so as to make more money by getting more pupils to join their classes.

I have also noted kiasu parents who are always around the school to curry favour for their children by giving expensive presents or food to chosen teachers.

Ever wonder why your child never gets to be a prefect even though she is active or scores good results?

Greed and favouritism are human weaknesses. So think again about what would happen if exams are school-based. The school will be swarmed by parents as the ultimate power to decide will lie in the hands of teachers.

What about teachers who have children studying in the same school? Will these teachers exert pressure on their colleagues to give better ratings for their children?

WCK, Teluk Intan.

Source : The STAR News > Opinion Sunday July 18, 2010
Tags: guru, pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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