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Tardiness and its domino effect

MANY of us attend meetings and business appointments, which sometimes require us to be on time. However, some of us take punctuality for granted.

This is a waste of time and affects those who are punctual. One has to kill time waiting for people to turn up.

To a certain extent, the lack of punctuality even jeopardises a business deal or causes negative perceptions.

Being tardy is bad for one’s professional image.
In my recent appointments, I realised that it had become a common practice for people to arrive 20 to 45 minutes late. Is this the Malaysian standard time?

We tend to blame it on the traffic or the lack of parking space.

I, too, used to be tardy but over the years, the multinational corporate culture has trained me to be punctual.

Being punctual means being earlier than the agreed time.

I make it a point to arrive 15 to 20 minutes earlier than the appointed time.

Being punctual gives me a great deal of confidence. I have cultivated the habit of being punctual but the price I often have to pay is waiting for the other party.

Therefore, I fill in the gap by doing work such as my personal scheduling and planning.

However, when the meeting is delayed, it causes the discussion to finish either late or within a short span of time. The lack of punctuality causes a domino effect for other planned tasks or the quality of the meeting.

We must cultivate the habit of being punctual for meetings and appointments, regardless of whom we are meeting. We are often punctual if we are meeting someone who is in a higher position than us.

Punctuality must be applied to all meetings and appointments to ensure effective time management and productivity.

Life equals time. Let us manage the limited time that we have effectively in this given life by being punctual.
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