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The teacher, student relationship

AT a time when technology and innovations have really taken charge, there exists a communication gap between students and teachers.

Teaching is not a rosy job. Sometimes you have to confront the difficulties that arise in the learning process.

As parents, this could be a rich source of understanding your kids better. Students have proactive and exuberant minds; they want a class that is active and can provide a shared responsibility for learning.

Students want a teacher who loves his or her job. They can tell if a teacher doesn’t want to be there with them. So, being enthusiastic about teaching and showing love for the subject can be an exciting factor to students.

The teacher has to show a positive attitude to ensure the child learns. It could take more explanation, patience and guidance, but the focus should be on the learning.

Students are very observant about your actions as a teacher. They want to know you are the right person to offer direction in their class. By admitting your mistakes, you can prove to them that you are human and honest about who you are.

In this regard, excessive lecturing can take them away from the essence of the class. Students want to be taught, not lectured at. It shouldn’t be about reading off PowerPoint. Teachers should try to tell stories or offer examples that capture their imagination.

Respect is reciprocal. In order to earn their respect, students want someone who is approachable, positive and nice.

It is important to appreciate any effort that the student makes. By commending them, showing appreciation, or encouraging them, you show that you value their time and whatever effort they are putting in.

Challenging students means you are showing them how to handle matters, whether it is a class project or assignment. You are not a salesman in a car dealership; you are not a politician asking for votes; you are their teacher and should focus on the assignment you gave them.

As creating impact takes time, offer them the time and space for things to sink in. Time to think, reflect, play and process.

Students want to know that the teacher has his eye on him or her. Try leaving special messages in their lockers or make a quick comment that shows you notice them. Let them ask questions, let them be able to share their perspectives on a subject. Even if they are off topic, just give them a chance to share their thoughts.

Students do not like a teacher who favours certain students over them. They want a teacher who can manage his class and show that he is the captain of the ship.

Students like teachers who are calm and easy to get along with. This means understanding them, and it may take time and effort to get to know who they really are.

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