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Be yourself and give your best

The moans, the drawn-out murmurs, the paper rearranging and the steady pessimism. Those are the characteristics of work environment protest and we all know at least one.

If there is a one thing each one of us dislike, than that is definitely fake peoples. The problem is that they are everywhere and sometimes we fail to recognize them or realise too late.

What makes it difficult to spot pretenders is that they are people working with us. They secretly envy us and are only pretending to be someone, which they are not.

People act fake due to number of reasons like jealously, peer pressure, social pressure, hypocrisy, etc.

There is very fine line that differentiates being actually a nice person and a fake person acting nice. Only time and experience will help you to differentiate between them. Fake people can be at times more dangerous than your enemy.

Many employees fake being over-worked. And it is easy to spot the slackers. Individuals who continually discuss how busy they are and complain about their part in truth suck vitality from their partners and add almost no to the work environment.

Employee who constantly complains about their workload is often "pretending" to work, either because they are blatantly rotting the system or are unmotivated and exhausted.

Not everyone fakes being overworked for the honors. Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t give a shit.

Be Original. Be you, don’t pretend anything what you are not. When you are completely yourself you will only attract people who actually like you and life will be easy and great.

There is not even need to be perfect. Just be you and give your best at anything you do.

It’s better to just stop thinking about false people, rather than wasting our energy and time making a judgment about them.

One of the biggest flaws of people is pretending to be blind to their own mistakes, but do not pretend deaf towards the mistakes of others.

We are first to find fault in others, but for our own faults we turn out to be the best advocates to defend ourselves. We always have a justification for our actions are never guilty. So before having opinions about others make sure you are true to yourself first.

Keep things simple. First, never let go real people and also do stand with them whenever they need. Secondly, cut off fake people and even stop thinking about them, let karma do its work.

Remember to trust only people few people. You never know what’s going in someone mind or what are they hiding. Someday it may all come out, hurting you badly.

nst_IMG-20161215-WA0003.jpgAzizi Ahmad NST Opinion You Write 14 February 2017

Original Beware of pretenders and fakers
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