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Not many parents, teachers trained to discuss sex education

I refer to ‘Sex education for children a must’ dated April 16, 2017.

In 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports under the minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek has held talks with the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil on sex education in primary and secondary schools established in a more formal and serious way.

(File pix) The National Union of the Teaching Profession, Parent Action Group for Education and parents recognised the need for sex education in schools. (pix by RAHMAT OTHMAN)

Six years later, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim said sex education to young men between 16 years and above, will be implemented.

The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP), Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) and parents recognize the need for sex education in schools can improve their knowledge of the subject of sex education and help reduce social consequences of informal learning such as through the Internet.

Sex-education is more acknowledged now than any time in recent memory; there will dependably be some debate encompassing its nearness in our education framework.

One certainty can't be debated; youngsters have more get to and introduction to sexually situated materials than at whatever other point ever.

One just needs to stare at the TV or get to the Internet to affirm this reality. It’s up to us to acknowledge the accuracy and the understanding of the information shown.

Children are more exposed in getting sexually oriented information, from friends, internet and other media sources.

Children will listen more to teachers and parents as they deserve to be given the proper information that will enable them to make responsible and healthy decisions so as to avoid confusion and misinformation.

But then, many children do not have the advantage of parents having the proper knowledge and sharing, and so does our teachers.

How many of the parents and teachers or educators has vast knowledge and experience on sex-education relating to physical health (a major consideration when making sexual decisions), mental health (sexual issues that can create further anxiety and stress), education (unplanned pregnancy and other health related issues) and on the future (proper sex-education ultimately benefits all of mankind).  The situation has potential economic implications for everyone.

Though experts mentioned on the specific advantages to sex-education in the school system, some considerations has to be observed.

Efforts on ensuring reliability of information are an important issue. Those providing the information must be trained, qualified and experienced educators in addition to using approved materials and curricula.

The data is precise and convenient. While certain parts of sexual training are reliable after some time, different perspectives can be extremely progressive. Potential wellbeing dangers can change with time, for instance.

While some parents are opening minded, it is a broad topic with many issues to discuss.  How thorough of information that it can be adequately covered in a single conversation?  School-based sex-education provides a thorough stream of information than most children are not able to receive at home.

Children are frequently too embarrassed to discuss a sexual issue with a parent.

While there may be some disagreement about what specifically should be taught in sex-education, few would disagree that it should be taught.

The benefits are numerous to both the children and to society as a whole.

Kids have a more noteworthy chance to remain happy, healthy, enjoying their school years, live to their potential, and enjoy their future.

nst.jpgAs many parents are unable and /or unwilling to give all the vital data required for a kid to create to his/her maximum capacity, it’s now the up to the Ministry of Education to help this issues stay positive.

Azizi Ahmad New Sunday Times April 23, 2017
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