kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

New Technology that will be out in the market...UNBELIEVABLE

Enjoy the new technological facilities introduced into the market. 

Foldable TV Screens


New Fish Tanks Design

A mobile Cooking Station

new MP3 player

A new camera from Samsung

Foldable Office


A Bicycle for the whole family

Electronic Paper for easy correction


Intelligent Furniture

Future Kitchen

Multipurpose Remote Control


Clothes that saves energy during day and light during night


A New Bathtub


Beautiful Faucet Design

A side Lamp Computer




Sony's Bendable Screens



A New Mouse Design

A Compass Touch Screen Telephone



A mobile Phone/Computer with Expandable Screen


The Weirdest Computers ever from Samsung

A Transparent Lighter Shape Mobile Phone



Table Computer


Apple Curved Screen

A Computer with 3 Screens



New Buildings Designs in Korea



 via "sandra sim" and "asmah ahmad"


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