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Stand up against toxic employees

I REFER to the article “Dealing with toxic people at work” (NST, Aug 25). In every workplace, everyone goes for quality management.

Everyone will be busy with ISO, MQA or star-rating verifications to ensure the organisation  meets the qualifications.

Quite a number will be proud to be elected as officers, coordinators or committee heads.

To meet these requirements, employees need a positive environment at the workplace.

No matter where you work, there will always be employees who contribute to a positive workplace, and there will always be toxic members who spoil the team’s morale. (FILE PIC)

Some toxic members are easy to identify while some are camouflaged.

The most common toxic employees are the know-all.

They may be experienced  in the organisation or industry and will assume they know better, showing off how to do job and provide advice.

You can listen to their advice, but do what you feel is right in the end. You may ask them to back off should they force you to follow their advice.

They can be annoying, especially when they are your superiors, but then approach the higher authorities if you can’t beat them.

With so many smart and qualified personnel in organisations, there will be colleagues, teammates or department heads who will borrow your ideas and say that those are theirs.

Though they may say that since both of you belong to the same team and that it does matter who presents the idea, it is wise to shut them up and give no second chances.

Remember to ask for due credit when you find yourself in these situations.

Some are in the bullying and gossiping group. Some are fond of making and engaging in well-intended humour, being aggressive or discriminating against people.

If you witness employees being bullied, stand up for them. Don’t let anyone bully you as it  should not be tolerated.

If you experience bullying, talk to the Human Resource Department.

Gossiping and making up tales about someone are bad.

Gossiping is human nature and this behaviour cannot be erased from workplaces.

Rumours should not be allowed for discussion.

Workaholics are toxic too. When people are on the way home or at home, they will have unfinished work to do.

Some even work during holidays.

They might appear friendly, but may back-stab people.

Though teamwork and team support are an important part of workplaces, some people are manipulative and will trick you into believing that they will always support you, but they don’t.

Nobody goes to work to become friends with two-faced colleagues.

Ensure that you confirm with others about what they let you know.

If  you think somebody is leading you on, be it with regards to work, a venture or a meeting, don’t put resources into building an enduring association with them.

AZIZI AHMAD Kuala Lumpur  New Straits Times Opinion Letters September 2, 2017 @ 11:11am

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