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Error in reading exam question, Mistakes can be made but be accountable too

Mistakes can be made but be accountable too

I would like to refer to an article wrote by a worried Malay­sian on November 9, 2017 pertaining to those students who possibly answered incorrectly a writing question in the English SPM 2017.

The writer shared his view that students should not be penalised severely for incorrectly answering the given question and instead proposed deducting a maximum of three points for not keeping within the boundary of the question.

The writer further argued the students have captured the same intended themes, and hoped that the Malaysia Examination Syndicate would take this into consideration so as not to deprive the students.

When a student fails to read the examination question properly and does not carry out the task as per instruction, the student should be accountable and responsible for his/her own action. No excuses must be given and accepted.

A disastrous value will be encouraged if the Examination Syndicate agrees with the writer’s arguments. We are simply telling our children that it is fine if we do not take instructions properly and execute them wrongly.

What is going to happen if our future generation carries such values into their workplace?

Not taking proper instructions could potentially cost any entity huge financial losses, have disastrous consequences, and worst still cost precious human lives. Just because it is simply fine to make mistakes.

Children go to school not only to acquire the necessary knowledge. School is also the place where they learn to differentiate between right and wrong before they enter society. And ultimately school is the place where they learn about accountability, credibility and responsibility.

While I agree with the writer that it is important to do well in SPM, it is equally important to teach our children the right values.

A concerned parent Penang The STAR Opinion Letters November 10, 2017

Error in reading exam question

THE English SPM 2017 Paper 1 was conducted on Tuesday. In the continuous writing section, which is worth 50 precious points, students were given five options to choose from. The first option reads: “If you had the opportunity to move to another part of Malaysia, where would you choose to live? Explain your choice.”

As an adult who read this question for the first time, I did not realise it was asking about a place to live within Malaysia. Likewise, many excellent SPM 2017 students who sat for this paper didn’t realise an inclusion criterion set by the question. Some wrote about living in Korea, Britain, Bali, Switzerland, Mecca, Madina, and etc.

SPM is an important examination for students in our country as it will decide the paths they will follow. For excellent kids who wrote about living outside of Malaysia, they have made a mistake in one of the most important examinations in their lives.

These kids have been in turmoil since they realised this horrendous mistake. Those who were aiming for an A+ in English are in extreme shock about this.

It is crucial for the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate to recognise that a mistake like this is unintended and due to immense examination pressure and limited time as students might have rushed to complete the essays. I recognise that this was a mistake but the students should not be penalised severely just because they did not peruse the phrase “another part of Malaysia”.

I agree that some sort of points deduction could be made to be fair to those who answered the question as intended. For example, deducting a maximum of three points for not keeping within the boundary of the question could be made while recognising that the students still wrote essays that captured the same intended themes – moving to another place and reasons for the choice. This, hopefully, would be taken into consideration by the Examinations Syndicate.

It would be truly horrible for kids with excellent English to be penalized severely and given Cs and Ds because of a mistake made under immense examination pressure. They spent 11 long years learning English; please do not punish them for a mistake committed in a single exam. Many students with excellent English will be deprived of their bright futures because of an error they made in SPM. Please be kind and just to these kids. After all, to err is human.

A worried Malaysian Penang The STAR Opinion Letters November 9, 2017

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