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Successful people are great readers

Teachers in schools are instructed to prepare lessons on the vle-Frog platform while in the higher institutions portal such as Moodle, Edmodo, Schoology or any other ‘content management’ portals are used.

Lessons prepared are to be read by students preparing themselves for the instructions given.

When asked, students will definitely answer that they have ‘gone through’ the readings and some will claim they read more than what is in the portal.

Reading is good for everyone but many do not read as much as we should.

Many will do their reading in the social media and not many will read good books for knowledge.

Blaming the young and the students does not help much, what about the adults? Do they read as much as what they want the young to read?

Lots of writing mentioned on the need to read more on a regular basis.

Studies noted that reading can reduced stress, improved focus, improved memory, increased sense of empathy, increased creativity and the likelihood of success.

Reading is always a beneficial thing. Successful people are known to be great readers as it helps them grow and expand their knowledge, skills and competencies.

A reading journey is actually a real challenge. In real life, one has to buy books, magazines and reading materials which are sometime expensive bargains.

Many are occupied with busyness and lack of focus when comes to reading. Many prefer doing more exciting life events than ending up with a good reading. Many don’t know what good preferable readings are.

Reading seems important to us when we want to know something that can improve our productivity and creativity.

Reading should be enjoyable and natural.  To make reading a habit, it must be a practice. To make reading happen, one has to ensure at least to browse into the reading before sleeping or after waking up and spent at least 10 to 20 minutes going through.

We must keep to the schedule, every single day. For a start, maybe we could start with a short, fun read that will make us happy to read.

Malaysians are said to be busy lots, filled with tight work schedules, full of family and friends obligations; no matter what, one has to glance into reading at the least during breaks. Make time and space for personal growth, spare minutes to read and never leave without a book.

Reading is about quality, nothing to boast about having you telling others about the number of books you had read. It is not the quantity that counts. As millions of books are written and published, one should sense also about good or bad writings. One should know as they go through the first 10 or 20 pages, if the writing is flaws just stopped reading them. You need to utilize your time wisely and just go for readings that inspire you and that makes your mind expand.

Many would be happy to buy and own a real book. Though electric books are common, it gives more sense in getting your eyes off the screen. At work, you read through the computer screens, you jolt through the smart phones, the televisions for entertainment at home; so no more screens for reading but the real book.

Good reads are readings that you enjoy and are interested in reading. You may go through the internet and look for the list of books you like to read. There are plenty of options and resource for your read. You need to read more and make it happen. Opening and reading a book will empower and increase you mind and knowledge. Do not ignore the good of readings.

Azizi Ahmad The New Straits Times Opinion Letters January 11, 2018

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