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Taking care of mental health

Students at my place are now at home after finishing their final semester papers. With the on-going fasting month, many will of course be happy to take their rest and be with their family.

Mental health issue especially for student need urgent attention

If you are student of today, you likely have a lot of going on in the between of the so-called deadlines, exams and others.

Though some go on full-time as a student, yet some doing part-time and juggling with all kinds of demands in going for the paper chase.

What makes students as students of all ages and life across is the stress level and anxiety.

Almost more than 50% of the students are running scared, no room to breathe syndrome, nail-biting and anxiety of uncertainty.

There is a sharp showing note on psychological problems involving students and teachers.

Mental health is quite serious nowadays as it takes away and decreases our sense of wellbeing.

Stress and depression are severe psychological problems amongst students and is serious enough to take away our wellbeing.

It can disrupt the cognition process, a major health problem and slow down academic performance and sedulousness. And this is true for all ages and types of students.

On my part as an educator, I always tell my students that they are lucky enough to be able to know that they have the access to learning and cherish the chance given.

This perspective is vital as education is a privilege.

Education can transform you and allow you to be a better person; all you need is to overcome the challenge in your own way.

To lessen the stress factor, students are advised not to go for perfectionism.  It is normal for motivated and conscientious student to go for excellence.

It is also known that the more you study and learn, the more there is to explore.

Just do your best, and should you fail to meet the requirement, just go back to the basic.

Many of my students were found to wear fears and anxieties. A number have guilty feeling of shame if they are not to the par of others.

Everyone are scared, the higher up we go, the more likely the doubts. It takes time to gain traction and confidence and throw away the imposter syndrome.

Procrastination is another factor among students, and so do time management. All you need is to make every moment count.

The more organized you are the better is your time management. Structure and routine matters. This will ease your stress.

The pressures of college life are everywhere. Go meet your peers, lecturers and colleagues. All institutions have health and counselling departments specifically devoted to offering confidential support.

There is power in having a safe place to debrief stress, and strategize. Be proactive. Make use of the many resources available to help you enjoy optimal health, keep your anxiety in check, and maximize your opportunities.

Doing so will not only help you in the classroom and beyond, but also help you establish important habits for the long haul after you graduate.

Your accomplishments will likely be even sweeter when you are healthy enough to enjoy them.

Azizi Ahmad The STAR Educate Let's Hear It May 27, 2018
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