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Treat and value good, the rest will be taken care

AUGUST 21 — At the office, most of us are colleagues.

As stated in Merriam-Webster colleagues is or are associate or coworker typically in a profession or in a civil or ecclesiastical office and often of similar rank or state: a fellow worker or professional.whatyouthink-new-logo_200_200_100.jpg

The expected relationship which should be more of being ‘friends’ is far from the truth. Employees or co-workers are asset in any working institution or organization; any working plans or strategy will need the support of motivated and engaged employees to make it to reality.

I had worked in several places before and had experienced seeing colleagues going back late without been paid overtime; and no one said anything.

Sadly enough when the annual performance reviews were show, colleagues of mine were said to be incompetent because they were said unable to perform within time limit. And the administrators incurred extra lose for paying more bills.

The morale goes down and my colleagues become disengaged. Now most would come to work on time, finished what was given to them, decline extra errands and of course go back on the dot.

Administrators know that they should appreciate to the deserved members who perform willingly. If administrators treat people poorly, they won’t get the expected effort called for.

When a group of working colleagues refused to work extra or for the benefit of the institution, then your department is in ‘worrying state’.

They will definitely share their experience to others and you can be sure no one will put themselves or provide supporting hands at your place.

A survey conducted by Globoforce said ‘workers would work harder if their efforts were recognized and appreciated. Administrators must be sincere and truthful, show respect to the working staffs so that they respect you too.

It starts with treating everyone well and equally providing recognition. It is advisable not to take your ‘colleagues’ for granted and under estimate or undervalue them.

Most of the time you’ll be watched by them and you can be sure every small thing you do will be taken into account.

Please do acknowledge the efforts of   colleagues whether small or big. Make them feel valued.

Dale Carnegie once said, “People work for money but go the extra mile for praise, recognition and rewards’.

Most working staffs will see the place of work as good if fair appraisal dan appreciation is given. Caring administrators will enhance productivity.

Most working staffs know their job well enough as they are the one who is using the internal tools and systems every day.

They have all the answers on how to improve service and products. They also know how to improve and the solutions for better efficiencies.

Rewards, recognition, appreciation goes a long way to keep people engaged and productive.

The working staff is the branches of a tree that can make a work place grow. People need to be happy with what they are doing. Treat them well to get the best out of them. Value them and they will take care of the rest.

Azizi Ahmad Malaymail What You Think August 21, 2018

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