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Teachers love their job, so why are so many leaving?

MALAYSIAN teachers love their jobs and are among the most dedicated in the world for ensuring their students excel academically, according to the first ever Global Education Census 2018 , 25 November 2018.

It also mentioned “Our teachers are hard working but are bogged down by matters other than teaching.

But not many news of educators leaving the profession and swan songs are coming by especially those who had been working for more than 30 years of services.

Of late, at my place a number had been calling for optional retirement or moving away to a new place.

Almost every 2 months, farewell occasions are held and more are coming within 2020. Some are of course reaching the 60’s but optional cases are rising too.

In their farewell speeches many kept their words and not many are willing to open-up except a few.

The head of department will always say, “thank you very much for the hard work, dedication and willingness to share the knowledge, skills and experience and please do come back anytime after the retirement, the door is always open for the retirees.” Believe it or not no one does.

There are only a few who splashed out in a polite manner. The words are simple and short but meaningful but then ‘no one prefers to listen’.

I managed to gather some ‘splashing’ which I think should be shared. One colleague of mine who had been working for 34 years mentioned about ‘closing the gap between the head of departments and working colleagues’.

It takes someone with the courage in saying this ‘to all please do not put yourself above the rest as we are working into the same goals and objectives; it is our duty and responsibilities not to hurt each other; let us work in harmony, let us be true with each other’. And a full stop.

The latest farewell speech came from PhD colleague who just cannot take it anymore though she has 6 more years to go.

She has 32 years experience and had worked in schools, divisions of the ministry but finally called it a day as she just can bear to see students having to come up with 20 assignments in a semester.

It not only takes tolls on the students but the teaching staffs as well. She tried and voiced this out in the institution meetings but nothing had changed.

She did mention on the grading to the curve, which is not to her liking and this had led to grade inflations on the assignments and examinations.

Adding to the ISO, MQA, EKSA, name any program that the division and the ministry called for, the additional clerical and documentation works never fail to cease.

There’s no doubt we are dedicated lots but there seems to be less happiness, love and mutual respect among us.

Everyone try the best to make the environment cheerful, fill with laughter, engaging to each other but everyone realized that it was not really true.

The actual fact is everyone is filled with hypocrisy, many are putting up with drama and something to show; but the reality is most will have to bear all this until their retirement comes by.

The administrators and the management team does not help either, as they are more happy to attend farewell lunch and parties held. To them, those who are leaving, ‘best of luck in your undertakings’, but they seems to forget, how many will attend their farewell later.

Kheru Khek is an educator who is leaving too

Azizi Ahmad The Malaysian Insight Your Insight 25 November 2018

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