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Tuan Ahmad Manshor Zainal Mastan (5273) ~ Aug 8, 2010 Visit

At 12.00 noon, reached IJN and went straight to Room A306, and saw our patient laying on the bed inhaling oxygen. Greeted him and started to unpack my 'small companion' and showing him around. He has 585 e-mails unread and 17 spam emails (of which I sent him).

He told me that Tuan Haji Mohd Zaki came by in the morning and left back for Kuantan. From my observation he is very OK, he can walk, took bath, move around slowly and freely , eat and drink on his own. A short while later, Madam Mimi Loma (a close family friend, arwah Saloma and Mariani's sisters) came in, and we started another happy and humorous stories. Cannot share, as it is meant for us only .. toing, toing, toing.

Tuan Wan Mazlan gave me a call and so do Tuan Haji Arjunaidi. For the 2 1/2 hours I spent with him, seems short but it's OK. Finally Tuan Haji Arju came at about 2.00pm but managed to be with us for only 15 minutes as the visiting hours are over. Tuan Wan Mazlan never came. (Oops, he did .. he wrote in the inbox wall that he saw Tuan Haji Arjunaidi and couple at the car park area).

Anyway, Tuan Ahmad Manshor is said to be in IJN until the end of this week but will be in KL for the fasting month and back to KK before Aidilfitri. So callers should you want to know more, just call 012-8361960 or 016-2155877 or call Dato Dr Mohd Azhari (if he answers your call).

Reached home for prayers and had lunch of Dalca daging, Masak Lemak Meranti, Ayam Masak Merah, Ikan Kering Masam, Ikan Goreng Temenung, Fried Chickens, Sambal Tempoyak and Nescafe-O Kaw. Alhamdulillah.

Till then, let's pray for our friends health and speedy recovery. Wasalam

Managed to candid few shots for sharing ...

Tuan Ahmad Manshor (the patient) and guess who .... ?

Lunch for the patient ... ingat nak belanja dia nasi mamak tapi dia kata belum boleh lagi

The veins that were borrowed

The lines knifed by Dato Dr Azhari a.k.a. 'the ripper'. sorry no six-pac to show and to be proud of .. not like mine ...

The Tok Arab Sonsang giving tazkirah to our patient friend. On the table is my 'small companion' .. wherever I go, it goes too ..

As we left the room, I turned back and managed to snapped this photo inside A306 ... what is this ...?

So how does this happened and started ? After doing some research , we found out these two guys met on July 3, 2010 at Bora Ombak for the Golden Age Celebration MRSMPC 73 Alumni meet. The paparazzi shot this ...

9.35 pm, July 3rd, 2010. These two were seen talking behind the main table .. members at that time were busy with chores on their own, not knowing these two were discussing about 'knives' and 'slaughtering' ..

Tuan Ahmad Manshor Zainal Mastan (5273) the patient ... seen feeling uneasy after the talk ...

Dato Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub  a.k.a. Doc Harry The 'Ripper' ...
smiling but who knows what is behind the smile ...


Know you know .... !

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