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Do we have the right teachers as educators?

THE Malaysian education system has been the subject of much debate lately, particularly on whether or not to abolish the UPSR and PMR examinations.

However, the issue of revamping of the education system was totally ignored.Examination is just a small part in the education system. One of the flaws of our system is making education too exam-oriented. And rote-learning has become ingrained in the minds of our students.

There are many areas in our education system that need revamping. The three most crucial aspects are:

> Getting the right teachers for the job;

> Developing good teachers, and;

> Enabling our system to deliver the best for our students.

If we look at our current system, I fear we are not getting the right people to become teachers.

Our training system doesn’t seem to equip our teachers with the right attitude to teach and it has not provided the best for our students.

We need to employ the best people to the job of nurturing the young minds. These people should have the correct mindset as educators. However, to most of our teachers today, teaching is just another routine job like any other profession.

Teaching demands more than imparting knowledge to students. But the passion for the profession seems to be missing among the current batch of teachers as compared to teachers of yesteryears.

Most countries in the world, including those in Asia, have revamped their education system according to the pressing needs of the 21st Century. But we are still bogged down in our old-age system with frequent stop-gap measures introduced from time to time, as a means to try and make some improvements.

These temporary measures are not working, but rather creates more issues and problems to the system.

We need to move away from an instructive mode to a self-access mode in schools. Our students are too dependent upon teachers. Probably, we need a better and more innovative curriculum to replace the existing one.

DR S. NATHESAN, Muar, Johor

Source : The STAR Home > News > Opinion Monday August 9, 2010
Tags: guru, kurikulum, pendidikan, pengajaran, perguruan, teachers

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