You don't need to be right

Reading, watching and reading the Malaysian news is kind of heartbreaking.

Everyone especially the politicians are making and creating ‘unbearable’ stories of hiccups, blaming each others, or maybe it’s just scripted dramas.

I am sure and others would agree too, for it won’t be lively if nothing’s happening.

Almost everyone who attended schooling are taught to be right and skipped of being wrong.

Heaven is for the right good person, hell is for the wrong bad person.

Everyone wants to be right meaning to win, if you aren’t right, then you are dead wrong and you lose. Right?

No one wants to be wrong or in the wrong.

To always be right is an approach that won’t help you change anything. Instead, it might get you in tight spots and you will get stuck.

No one likes to be wrong and it’s natural to want to be right, it’s a reflection of who we are.

We will do just about anything not to look bad and if we are wrong, we think we look bad.

The need to be always can be bad too or to some it can become an addiction.

Bad habit and behaviour are something we cannot live without it; we do it unconsciously or automatically.

If we are right, we know we are okay, it help us maintain our sense of equilibrium.

Everyone likes to look good and don’t want to be wrong either.

We used to tell others of the need to be right, but the fact is it will not do us any good at all.

It won’t help in strengthening our relationships. It doesn’t change anything in my life for the better, and it doesn’t provide solutions to problems.

And it definitely doesn’t make anyone happy.

You’ll never be happy as long as you insist others are wrong.

My suggestion is don’t tell and ask others to be right.

It’s ‘you’ that need to correct yourself; don’t keep telling others that “They’re wrong,” “That’s wrong,” or “I know better.”

When you notice that happening, make a shift. Do something different.

It’s you that need to break and create a new and more-positive habit. And that means you should consistently be doing something else.

Azizi Ahmad is a senior educator Tue, Mar 19, 11:40 AM


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