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If a teacher is no longer learning, then he shouldn’t be teaching other people. Or are they ‘incompetent’ in the ICT skills and does not want to change?

We should regularly improve our skills and craft because professional development isn’t a 2 hour ‘staff training development’ program (or whenever the training department like to call for) but it is a lifelong process.

Professional development is usually top down instead of the ground up where everyone gets what they want and need. This is because giving everyone (including students) what they need and want takes time and money.

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” - John Dewey

Many educational institutions are holding current news and information for sharing. To enable the sharing most put up ‘tight’ procedures and staff and students are not allowing to publish events without the approval of the authorities. Even having own account of Face book or Twitter does not help. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.

Libraries that only contain books and chess tables are like a museum where people go to look at all the things we used to see.

A 21st century ‘source centre’ should be at the heart of the school and a place where both students and staff can come in to relax, read, get advice, access powerful devices, edit videos, music, print in 3D and learn how to code to name a few.

This 21st century learning space should give people an equal chance to use these devices and access information.

Education should be individualized, students should work in groups regardless of age and their education should be built around their needs.

The world today and the needs of the society are completely different to what they used to be. We are not only training people to work locally but globally.

We need people, who can comply, behave and be like everybody else. Therefore, we need creative people that can do something else and think differently.

We should be solving real problems, asking questions that matter instead of remembering and repeating facts. Adults’ accomplishments are linked far more strongly to their creativity than IQ; we should be celebrating diverse knowledge and interest instead of trying to standardize knowledge and skills.

All the education systems on the planet are being reformed, but I don’t think reform is what we need. We need a revolution and change the education system into something else. It isn’t an easy task, but as S.E. Phillips once said: “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

Do anyone know what a perfect education system looks like, or does it exists. But then if we do discuss, try and do differently, fail forward, investigate and share what we do, we can get to the point.

If you want to see change in education, you should start by doing it.

Azizi Ahmad is a senior educator Mon, Mar 25, 11:25 AM


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