The ideal characteristics of godly unworldly person

There will a few or a number of people you meet who are essentially the human comparable of a rainbow.

They appear to have their own way of addressing, reflecting  the inner goodness of themselves, befriending them is just rhyming the ABC, making friend with them is as easy as breathing, and show up to have extroversion coded into their DNA. 

Presently, psycho-analysts have stuck down the so-called light triad that characterizes magnificent charisma.

Many had been spelled on the ‘dark side of personality’ which is a cluster of characteristics that consist of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

These personalities are the one that make you unlikeable, whereas the “light triad” is a more favorable set of traits that make an individual a godly world person.

According to Dr Kaufman, a psychologist at Columbia University, three components that speak to great identity characteristics are:

1. Kantianism: a conviction that each individual ought to be seen as a whole individual, not just a means to an end (taken from Immanuel Kant’s theory)

2. Humanism: esteeming each person’s individuality

3. Faith in humankind: accepting that individuals are “fundamentally good”

Believe it or not, all of us possess characteristics of each and this is confirmed by Dr. Kaufman.

Indeed on the off chance that your score more on the side of Machiavelli than Kant, you'll be able advance into distant better human being.

As the psychologist points out, our identity characteristics are flexible and we can do anything on our own to shape at will.

We are advised to view those who score extremely high on the dark triad not as a separate species of human (after all, to have a dark side is to be human) but as magnified and unleashed versions of potentialities that lie within all of us.

The promising aspects on Dr. Kaufman and his associates studies is that participants of past dark triad research, they found that the average person tends to lean into the lighter side.

There is no doubt that psychopaths exist every day. But so do every day godly worldly person, and they are just as worthy of research attention and cultivation in a society that sometimes forgets that not only is there goodness in the world, but there is also goodness in each of us as well.

Azizi Ahmad is a senior educator Fri, Apr 5, 12:42 PM


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