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Don’t criticise teachers


EVER since the Government announced that teachers in categories DG41 to DG48 can take part in active politics, there have been letters criticising the move.

So far no one has written to support the move, neither has there been any response from serving teachers.

If one cares to look around and observe carefully, there are already teachers actively involved in politics even before the announcement was made. These teachers are hardcore politicians who are naturally inclined to politics.

The new ruling is not going to make much difference to the teaching profession because those who are keen in politics are already out there.

I don’t understand why the public is so overwhelmingly concerned about teachers’ involvement in politics.

Note that not a single teacher nor teachers’ association are jumping with joy over the announcement.

We teachers are only concerned about the welfare of our students and to a certain extent, the well-being of those involved in the profession.

Those who have written in to heckle teachers over the issue should think first before hurling hurting accusations against us. We never asked for this so-called perk.

Yes, there are some who are right in saying that if teachers are interested in politics, they should resign.

But, please don’t generalise the whole issue. The same goes for other professions too.

Talking politics in school among staff does not mean we are pushing our political ideologies.

As far as I know, teachers have not imposed their political ideologies upon students and we will never do that in future.

We are mature professionals and we know our limits and commitment.

If those in power feel that graduate teachers are an asset to politics, it shows the amount of respect we command but sorry to say, the majority are not the least bit excited.

Whether aligned to the ruling party or the opposition, there are many who hold important party positions but have lied low due to prior restrictions. Now, they might come out openly, and that’s all the difference that is going to be made.

JAYARAJ K.G.S., Sitiawan.

Source : The STAR Home > News > Opinion Tuesday August 10, 2010
Tags: politik

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