What our teachers need to have to be better educator

Of late, teachers in schools are blamed and was said to be partly the major cause of the poor standards of our education system.

Our country are in the dire need of knowledgeable and skillful teachers who can cater to the learners’ interest  and needs and can assist diverse learners to succeed at much more challenging learning goals.

Helping learners to think critically, create, and solve complex problems, rather than merely to perform rote tasks are some of the goals and objectives.

Trainee and beginning teachers should be able to maximize the underlying philosophy of teaching.

Through the philosophy of teaching, we should also look at the initial teacher training curriculum program.

Being holistic, some suggested for our initial teacher training programme to have ‘values, skills and knowledge’ framework into the curriculum.

I used to repeat to my student trainees on being knowledgeable (knowing the content), skillful and competence in their learning and teaching program.

They must master the ‘pedagogical content knowledge’ as what was required to be the better educator.

True enough; the reality of teaching can be very different. Each beginning teacher will of course take a familiar but unique teaching situation.

Each teacher must be able to adapt too many situations. It takes an adaptive teacher who is willing to self-assess and modify their assumptions and actions as needed which is ‘metacognitive’.

In Malaysia, teacher trainees were trained in IPG for primary schooling, and in the Universities for secondary schooling.

Preparing teachers-to-be to be successful and to effectively work with an ever-increasing diverse student body represents a pressing challenge for teacher educators.

It is impossible for teacher education programs to prepare teachers for all situations but it will a great help should beginning teachers are willing to learn from their experiences in changing circumstances rather than ‘spoon-feeding’.

Though, the generality of the structured values, skills and are provided throughout the training preparation for teaching and learning, it is isolated from her potential practice.

The teachers-to-be themselves need to identify and understand the principles for such frameworks are important reference points for use in both traditional and evolving contexts.

What they study may not be what they can practice, as the like of the ‘student teacher’ from the ‘beginning teacher’.

Within a humanizing pedagogical framework, culturally responsive education and strategic teaching, the trainees should be aware relationship with students as knowers and active participants in their own learning.

Beginning teachers should see their initial teacher education as the start part of a continuum of professional learning.

They have to develop a problem-solving attitude and the skills necessary to learn from experience through reflection.

Teacher education is something that comes with experience, valuing the knowledge’s of content and the ability to practice the teaching and learning. 498

Azizi Ahmad is a senior educator Mon, Apr 15, 8:51 PM


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