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Teachers in politics: They could impart their own political views

 2010/08/10 RUEBEN DUDLEY, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

TEACHING is about imparting knowledge to students in a correct, factual and impartial way.

Teachers, by their very role, have a strong and direct influence on their students.

The teacher, in the good old days, was a "friend, philosopher and guide" to students. Students learned from their teachers many of life's lessons and often sought their advice on matters concerning their studies and their future.

To many a student, the teacher was a role model, worthy of emulation. The teacher was an adviser even to parents and the community in general, and was held in high esteem by all.

When a teacher is active in politics, invariably the two roles will merge, almost inextricably. It is, as an educator once said, "like swimming in a river and trying not to be wet"!

Teachers involved in politics could impart their own political beliefs, even partisan views, to their students.

If and should there be discussions that have political connotations, teachers must be encouraged to provide proper balance in whatever opinions they impart. They should be obliged to point out that there are other opinions and explanations and one should consider all issues with an open mind and decide critically and rationally on their validity and merit.

Not only is teaching a noble profession, it is also, besides the home, the foundation that cultivates young minds and develops the nation's leaders on whose shoulders rest the future of our country.

I am sure teachers of today will endeavour to reflect those great values of their noble profession and be fine examples to their students. The students deserve nothing less.

Source:Teachers in politics: They could impart their own political views
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