Just make yourself happy

Malaysia is truly becoming a growing develop nation.

With social media and technology going together, everyone can easily express opinions almost on anything.

Social media surely has become a tool for the people to react to the other people openly and freedom of speech has been taken to another level.  Is this true?

Everyone get offended on almost all issues; bullying and shaming seems normal amongst the people around the world.

Your opinions shared around the internet can be offensive to people so sensitive to even small issues.

We must always be very careful and sensitive enough on small things that can create an outrage amongst people.

Wise men will advise us to be unfazed by people’s opinions and the fact that they raise objections.

Have your own stand, don’t U-turn you stand just because people are offended; just change your thinking ways if you are wrong.

Your action or opinion may be right but if people get offended, the best thing to do is question yourself with a very simple question- ‘Am I wrong?’

If your are wrong, just admit it, and you know that you need to change your mind.

You can start ignoring the people, who raise objections, if you feel that you are doing the right thing,

You should be yourself; no matter what you do or say, there’s always someone who will not in the agreeing terms with you.

There are so many people out there connected to each other and there are so many people who have strong opinions about some things.

Your liking may not be the same with others like the case of eating, sports and games and etc.

No matter how many people raise objections. If you do not think it is right thing, then ignore what the world thinks of it.

The best way to ignore the comments and the opinions of the people who get offended is to believe in yourself and your decisions.

As long as you think you are doing the right thing; you are not damaging or affecting others; you had made the right worthy decision and is benefiting you, please proceed with what you want to do.

You don’t have to pleased and make others happy. Just make yourself HAPPY.

In doing the right thing, no matter how many people raise objections or get offended, nothing should stop you from realizing your own dream.

No doubt, there people questioning your action, and it does not mean they are wrong.

Being different does not mean you an alien; doing different is the spice of life.  We have our own destiny; let no one stop you from being yourself in making decision.


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