Difficult to bring pen to paper

In Malaysia, though said that it is difficult to bring pen to paper it is not a thing that’s matter.

Many would just write and say ‘we just don’t have enough time’ as many of our time are on thinking other matters.

Sad to say and maybe the truth is, even newspaper and media just care about writing on politics and issues highlighted are on ‘making other bad and suffer’.  

Many unnecessary issues are stressed for people to read.

Another main issue maybe that the ‘reading materials’ are quite expensive and people don’t have enough money to buy reading materials.

Just look at the cheapest reading material like the newspapers, even the cheapest news media or a weekly tablet may need sponsorship to be placed in the library.

Most likely now, people do read but it’s better through the handheld device on the internet.

During my younger days, I would be in the library in my hometown or the college library for there is where free, cheap and available reading materials can easily be found.

The best way to learn what to read is by reading everything you can get your hands on.

You'll gradually learn what you enjoy reading, and you'll start to make connections between books and connect those books to your own life.

People write to share their feelings, organize thoughts in their mind, educate, inform, entertain or some for relaxation.

I always asked my students, friends and colleagues to write but they will always say ‘they are busy’.

Even my colleagues will tell me ‘got to mark assignments, papers and etc.’ and some will just take-off when I mentioned about writing.

Well for once, I don’t think we write with hopes getting the ideas and thoughts we have in our head published and in front of millions of readers.

You might get discouraged and frustrated if your goal for writing is to get published.

Your writing will lack the passion that goes into it when you enjoy what you do. 

There's no doubt you'll hear several people say, "I've always wanted to write, but I've never gotten around to doing it."

You might also hear, "I have several ideas for stories, but I guess I need to find someone to write them for me. I'm not a writer, so maybe you can." 

One reason people who enjoy the idea of writing don't write, is that they think they won't be good enough.

The number one reason to write is enjoyment.

People don’t write because they don’t think they have good enough ideas.

They want to write, but they don’t know what to write.

There's nothing you can't write, and write fairly well.

All it takes is learning the tools and methods, then practicing by writing as much as possible.

The media should be compensating writings published by writers too, after what was published will be read by friends and colleagues.

It’s not difficult to make books and literature a part of your life, you just have to start and give a little at a time. 


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