I who am carrying the trust

In most professions, if you stay at the office extra hours every day, you're going to impress the superior. 

With you nodding and agree to what your superior ask you to do though no objective or target of the program been discussed or saying ‘yes’ to everything will definitely make your superior impress.

But should the program failed and meet the expectations and you are threatened with ‘ don’t blame me for giving you low appraisal’ then you know that your superior is not ‘impress’ with you.

But with acting, if you're really ambitious and you have a good work ethic and are really good at your job, it might not really matter.

What matters now is why do you have to agree to everything? What matters is if you yourself are not capable of doing things or incompetent why must you please him or her?

So many of the ‘impressers’ are actually making a fool and dummy of own self. Most ‘impressers’ are actually people who are knowledgeable and said to hold degrees and high rankings. Why making a fool of yourself when you and your superior own the same ranking and grades?

Should you want to be praised for being good and obedient or loyal for ‘following orders’ then you should consider reading more the ethics of work?

In the case of Malaysian civil servants, understand and get gist of ‘I who am carrying out the trust’. The civil service should serve but this should never be done blindly. 

Even the PM said ‘he would not tolerate corruption”, in this case an immediate superior mentioning ‘if I gave you low appraisal’ which is a threat is considered corruption (misuse of power).

The worst case but common in the services is having a grandiose and narcissist or we can say sociopath/psychopath as your immediate superior.  They are so disillusioned with their position that they forget who they really are.

Having a superior who is incompetent in his/her work and duties will of course won’t make things for the better.  Furthermore, no action taken on them will make things better for them, and that’s why the government is proposing to allow subordinates to assess and appraised the superior; so that the truth will be seen.

The victims are also to be blamed, though most are said to be educated but they are actually ‘uneducated’.

I use to share my views with my colleagues on handling the ‘superiors’ but many would say ‘never mind’ and let Allah (God) to help out. Thus, if you called for advised from a colleague and you would not act on the advised given, its better that you carry your own stress and keep the depression to yourself.

I would always tell my colleagues to say things out straight as the grandiose’ are actually ‘cowards’. They will not prey on the brave, strong and daring. Face them positively and they will go positive; if you are in the right, Allah will help you, in syaa Allah.

Follow and adhere to the work ethics and procedures as provided by.

But many are hypocrites; talking behind as usual, cursing the ‘predators’ as they know that the predators won’t know what’s said behind the back. It’s not professional (my guess) calling yourself a ‘professional’ and yet you are ‘unprofessional’.

The ‘predator’ himself is being preyed by the ‘bigger and higher’ predator, and it seems they are flocked of the same feathers. And that’s what makes things even.

Let’s not make things for the worse; let’s work together in a happy, harmonious, loving, caring, respected ways. Let’s make things for the betterment of everyone. Let’s move forward for the best.


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