Paying attention to the right people

In the professional workplace consisting senior staffs there will definitely be the sound of cracking’s here and there. Good or bad words is almost everywhere.

Superior providing you with your annual review feedback, colleagues putting bad and horrible things about each other, almost all things you’re doing are wrong.

For mature personals it is best to avoid and just don’t take it seriously.

No one will want to ignore the comments on things you’re doing wrong and things you could be doing better.

It’s good in a way to really hearing out and considering the negatives and how you can improve them can be a powerful way for you to become an even better professional.

The toxic haters will not dare say face-to-face and thus let them bark as loud as they want.  

The so-called disapprovers of others are those the one who will proudly accept the position given to them (the more the better) and yet will complained behind the back of others and will be looking at what others do.

They will proudly tell they have a lot of work to be done, they have little time to complete their duties, they need to rush everything to ensure the tasks are meeting the deadline but in reality , the time spend are most not on what they are supposed to be doing.

The toxic haters are the people who are irrational and don’t know you or your work very well. They are the one who say horrible things about you and colleagues in front of the bosses or the heads of department;  the people who will eye on you whenever you voice something during a meeting or a discussion and will and tweet something horrible; the colleagues in another department who you’ve never worked with but puts down your work.

If you are smart just ignore the critics as they give you no value at all. The toxic haters are easy to write off actually because they are the one who are counter productive. To tell them off is just a waste of time as it won’t make you any better at what you do.

Having toxic haters is showing that what you are doing is good enough as many are actually watching and talking about what you are doing. So own it.

The ‘frenemies’ is the combination of two words that is ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’. Maybe ‘chameleon’ would be better. Anyway, these people do know you or your work well but are so irrational and are out to undermine you.

Think of your colleagues in the office that who’s always trying to compete with you for some reason, the superior or who you’ve never quite gotten along with, and the like.

Hillary Clinton’s once said : “It’s important to take criticism seriously and not personally.”

Take the criticism with an open heart, be positive.  Since this person is familiar with your work and if they really are out to get you and are going to be looking for every little problem with it.

Just ask yourself: Is this comment really about my work, or they are just poking at you.

If it’s the former, think how you can fix it so they can’t criticize it again. If it’s the latter, ignore it and move on.

There are also people who are rational and knowledgeable about your field, but don’t know you and your work intimately.

Even if they’re excited generally about what you’re doing, they’re going to take a hard look at your work to find places it could be improved.

Since these people don’t know you well, they’re not going to be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt or glaze over any problems they see.

Since they’re not straight up haters, they’re also not just going to be negative for the sake of being negative.

Instead, they’re going to give you unbiased, truly constructive criticism. Listen carefully, take it seriously, and make a plan for improving it .

There will also who loves you for what and who you are. These are the rational people who also know you or your work incredibly well.

They are your biggest supporters.  Your mentors! Your amazing bosses! Your friends! This is probably your favorite group to get feedback from since they want you to succeed and you know they’re always on your side.

Though they are good and nice to you and is likely going to give you feedback because they want you to improve, they may not always be willing to tell you things straight.

Do everything you can to accept their valuable feedback by making it clear that you want all of their thoughts, be it good and bad.

The right constructive criticism can be the most powerful tool in your professional career. Just pay attention to the right people and not letting the wrong ones get in your way.

Azizi Ahmad


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