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Don't be alarmed with IPG closure news

Out of sudden, the news on the closure of 21 IPGs struck the headlines. By 3 pm, 10 Sep, the statement by the Minister of Education erased all doubts of the citizens of IPGs.

The WhatsApp group for the IPGs must have been radiating hot as most will be waiting for ‘recent news’ shared by ‘informal reporters and journalists’ of the closure.

Some must have been downed because many would miss the ‘lecturer’ titles they held for years.

Many had already feeling frustrated as where they can be called ‘lecturer’ if not in IPGs (though I had written in on “The difference between a teacher and IPG lecturer: What's in a name'

What’s the big problem actually? For those who understand the life of IPG academic staffs, they surely know that ‘we are teachers in reality’.

We still hold the Darjat Guru (DG grade) which is entitled and requirement to trained teachers.

We are trainers to trainee teachers in teacher training institutes, which is similar to school teacher teaching students except we trained trainees to equip themselves to be qualified and trained teachers.

Should the IPGs are closed down, and then the so-called lecturers will back in schools.

But many had ignored the fact the most are holding DG48 to DG54 grades (which are senior grades) thus should they are sent back to school they will be mostly ‘administrators’.

Many would be deemed the ‘walking text-books’, after all with years as ‘trainers’ many would have the skills, knowledge and competency to act as ‘the reference’.

Schools having the ‘selected cream of people’ would be so lucky to get the ‘elitists’ in schools.

But then, why did one of the media report displayed the news on the front page of its paper news?

Don’t blame them as the ‘real news’ came out in page 4 of the news and mentioned ‘disyorkan (recommendations). Thus, there should be no fussy matters on the issue.

Obviously, the PhDs and the would be PhDs were seen anxiously disturbed.

Many were seen to feel bad as ‘can you imagine the ‘doctorates’ back in primary or secondary schools and being called ‘cikgu’ and not ‘Doctors’.

Maybe this is why they are the one known to send ‘informally’ of latest news on the matters.

There are also people who are happy to know about the ‘wrongly interpreted’ news as some are ready to go back to school as ordinary teachers.

Some had applied to go back to schools but was stopped by the ‘rulings’ and with such news many were seen smiling too.

To be fair, let’s not be excited on any ‘news’ whether true or fake. Let the people from the ministry come out with ‘reality news’.

Let there be ‘black and white’ written and formally distributed to all party concerned.

Let the Minister, the Director General, the senior officers make the announcement rather than eagerly sharing what’s not right.

Let’s concentrate in building teachers of the new millennium , look forward for more innovative and creative ways of teaching; upgrade skills for the 21st century teaching; applying the New Pedagogy for Deep Learning and etc.

Let’s stop mincing the need to transform the younger generation via education and the need to give back to society.

Concentrate on hope that the trainees will do remember you.

Azizi Ahmad Bebas News Opinion 11 September 2019
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