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The perfect catch of you

I came across a movie, the ‘Perfect Catch’ recently in TV. A story about a couple, Chase and Jessica reunited after 15 years separated.

One is a former baseball star and the woman who tries to save her family food business. Like each of us who have dreams, and so do both of them.

What ticks me on the movie was how Chase’s father, Mason help him to make decision by listing traits you like and what you don’t like.

In the list, you might have more likes than don’t. But in the end, the least you have maybe the answer to your decision making.

In this, the list you make may show you what kind a person you are.

As an example, if you are asked to list down who you are, one might describe own self as friendly, creative, confident, smart, independent, meticulous, or calm.

We will definitely list down everything we think the good on our personalities which is understandable. No one would admit he or she is bad.

The characteristics listed will portray who you are, but what that will truly shape and form us are our values.

If we don’t set our own core values, we will then sway into other people’s values.

If we don’t own our identities, we will be dependent on our friends, family members, or partners to define us.

There are some things that can be learned.

Be who you are or being authentic regardless of whom you are with. Be truthful at all time and never let other’s be your judge.

Be honest about who you are and what you’ve been up to. Never be afraid to tell the truth especially when it matters on your life. Own you words. Don’t pretend of who you are not.

It also wise to do things that you like or stop pretending you like things that you are asked to do. There should be joyfulness and happiness in what you want to do; you either like doing them or no.

We are suppose to acknowledge that life is fascinating and try to understand the beauty of enjoying life. Of course, there are some things that can’t be understood. We should be curious as its fun to know things.

Be responsible of your actions and mistakes. You know what you can do, and if you don’t like something, change it.

Just focus on yourself and don’t take responsibility for things that are not in your lane. What others do is neither your concern nor your responsibility.

One you cannot ignore is to love your family. Spend more time with your spouse, children, family or relatives as depth matters more than breadth. Build intimate and deep relationships with a few people that you can make as priority.

Be fearless and don’t fear the future. Care less and be strong against people you don’t care about think of you.  Your opinion matters most and so does of your loved ones. Do the right thing, and don’t fear the rest. Have dignity.

Stay and be loyal to yourself. Treat yourself well like you treat others you love or like. Try building strong bonds with others, don’t break it unless necessary. Do what it takes to maintain that bond. Never sacrifice your own well-being for others.

We may have a different list, but ensure your list will help you relief to see the most important parts of you clearly spelled out. Once you know who you are in life, you stop trying to be who you’re not.
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