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Good teachers leave a lasting impact on students

Good teachers key to improving education standards were mentioned a few days ago.

An author  mentioned about Finland teaching programmes as the most rigorous and selective professional schools in the entire country.

Effective teaching frameworks are more approximately getting the proper individuals to ended up career-long teachers.

Students can distinguish a quality teacher from a populist one, who might teach a subject with little enthusiasm. - FILE PIC

Good teacher training preparation are a counting necessity for the in-service preparing each year to keep overhauling themselves.

Noted is that Finnish teachers are given a tall degree of autonomy and trust in their occupations.

They are permitted an awesome bargain of obligations and free adaptability in what and how they educate.

Teacher execution isn’t observed and graded. The teachers don't have to prove to demonstrate their educating.

Good quality teaching and teachers are hard to put up in words and there is no specific measurement tool to measure it.

Ask any students on their experience throughout their education, there are bound of the highs and lows of teaching.

There’s no doubt in teaching and learning that important subjects are taught by inexperience, incompetent, boring and, at times, uncaring teachers.

Good teachers are said to be most creative and role models. They are mentor for lifelong learning.

As an educator and a student myself, I’ve found that you need to be creative, enthusiastic, be clear and keep the information relevant.

Those drained teachers, who never shift from the equivalent worn address notes or PowerPoint slides until they achieve retirement, complete an extraordinary insult to themselves, the understudies and their job.

I have taught secondary schools, colleges and adults students; though they need to be entertained, they also want to learn something of substance that can be applied in the “real world”.

Some might say that student’s evaluation is good but actually it is being an imperfect indicator.

Mature students can distinguish a “quality” teacher from a “popular” one, who might present an easy course that can be passed with little effort.

In this sense these students’ judgements generally coincide with what academic colleagues think about the teacher as well.

A good teacher maybe the one who can explain the course material clearly.

There are many cases seen, though the teacher was considered enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well-prepared, but still was considered a poor teacher overall.

A simple conclusion would be if you cannot explain the concepts in a way that your students want and understand, then you are considered not good.

A good quality teacher will only be satisfied if the majority of students have understood the principles and, enjoy discussions at all time.

When students learned from the experience, probably the teacher will be said effective.

Most educators would love to be rated high by their students, some even forced their students to rate them highly after a course is completed, but in the later years down the track when the student looks back they may find what they learned of little value or relevance.

To me that is a great shame.

Although students may not always remember what you teach them, they will always remember their outstanding lecturers and how good they made them feel about the subject.

That is their greatest gift and the mark of a good quality teacher.

Good teachers will impact on the children the confidence in themselves and the positive attitudes to take up future challenges.

We want our next generation educated holistically to beyond book knowledge and standard examination answers.

I remember my conversation with my former lecturer on what is ‘good’, and we agreed that good is when no one says something bad about you.

Azizi Ahmad New Straits Times Letters 1 November 2019
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