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Honesty starts at self-level

Honesty plays a great role in everyone’s lives. Being true to own self before pointing out and analyzing others is the primary task that everyone needs to take.

A person who is dishonest about himself can never speak the truth about others. Having known oneself completely, a person can definitely move on to judge and analyze others.

When one expects the world to be honest, he should check first about his own self.

Honesty starts right at the self level and this is highly vital before taking others into consideration.

As has been rightly said about rectifying oneself before thinking about others, the same applies for honesty as well.

One who is dishonest about himself and tells lies about himself can never tell the truth about others.

A person can never guide another person in regard to some particular issue unless he himself has preached it.

Thus thinking about own is primary and should be taken care of before proceeding any further.

Honesty can have applications both at the personal and the professional level in everyone’s lives.

In the personal case, a person cannot complain about others for not taking action on a specific issue, like cleaning garbage in a society especially when he himself is involved in littering.

Similarly in professional case, a person cannot speak about another person’s work especially when he himself is not aware of the same.

All these instances suggest that an honest person can only speak honest things about others, while a person who speaks falsely about himself can never speak the truth about others.

Rather than keeping a motive to rectify others, one should first consider himself.

Honesty always starts from the self level and then can be spread to others.

This should always be considered before pointing out the mistakes or doings of any other person.

Azizi Ahmad Bebas News Columnists 3 November 2019
Tags: honesty, writing, writings

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