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Are we giving the right education

The low student-to-teacher ratio has been mentioned many times.

According to reports, the ratio should be 1:14. Researches done showed students do better in smaller classes and learn better from other people with whom they have a relationship.

Schools and colleges know this too but still the average class size in public school is between twenty and thirty, even for the youngest grades.

But then, even the institute of higher education prefers cramming young people into lecture halls. What is going on actually?

Yes, it’s true that students manage to get passing grades, not that they have life-changing epiphanies or that they develop knowledge or critical thinking.

It is also true that as long as you submit your written assignments, attempt and clear a short quiz, do a short presentation; then you are ready to proceed and graduate.

More and more institutions are trying to convince us that being in classes doesn’t matter at all, whatever their size.

We also have ‘online education’; which is a part of ‘new pedagogy for deep learning’ which is being touted as the great innovation in learning but nobody had been championing on how online education compares to face-to-face learning.

Online education is great for everybody. But regardless of its success rate, online education fails to meet the criteria of a human-shaped endeavor.

An effective education is really on who can relate what they’re learning to their life goals.

We need to do a reassessment of all our educational. Everyone has to help look into educational materials such as textbooks, software, equipment, furniture, etc.

We need to be aware of the prohibitive costs. The textbooks cost upwards of two hundred dollars, even digital textbooks.

The textbooks are often boring and often out-of-date content.

I don’t provide textbooks for my students; I share my materials for free and help students find whatever else they need also for free or minimal cost.

Not only do the students save money, they don’t have the busywork I would otherwise assign simply to justify the cost of the book.

So this is the fundamental reason why our classrooms and delivery methods aren’t human-shaped and don’t work..

Azizi Ahmad is a senior educator
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