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Brainstorming no more

In most classes held, educators and teachers may begin a brainstorming session by posing a question or a problem, or by introducing a topic.

Students then express possible answers, relevant words and ideas.

Contributions are accepted without criticism or judgment and usually summarized on a whiteboard by the teacher or a scribe as the ideas are called out.

These ideas are then examined, usually in an open class discussion format.

That goes with workshops, in-house trainings, perhaps more than any other category of professionals; the said creative participants are expected to thrive in brainstorms.

Imagine the rooms, the places of work are crammed with restless people and Post-it notes in an array of colors, all intended to take in some of the power of a crew of fast-thinking, well-dressed hipsters deep in ideation mode.

But then the good news report which is based on a survey of 20,000 creative’s professionals (including writers, musicians, photographers, and podcasters) from 197 countries suggests that that brainstorming is largely unhelpful for solving a creative challenge.
The survey, commissioned by the Dutch file-sharing company We Transfer, attests to the perils of this form of groupthink.

“In the creative world we hear an awful lot about collaboration, but it seems that while working together is essential to bring an idea to life, it’s not that good for shaping ideas in the first place”.

There’s a need for individual preparation and introspection to be creative on their own.

Individuals will think properly, quality of ideas will probably improve if given the time and space.

In the intuition to schedule meetings, it appears that we always tend to give members the chance to prepare and form their thoughts.
Brainstorming was championed by Alex Osborn, where he repeatedly praise enthusiastically the virtues of solitude, of time spent far from the distractions of others, as part of his own creative process,”

“The man who gave us today’s whiteboard-centric chaotic brainstorming ritual placed as much, if not more, faith in the individual imagination.”

In actual, dutiful meetings is a primary creativity killer.

More than 40% of respondents now consider “work” including the administrative tasks required of employees in big corporations as a barrier to good thinking.

“That’s a worrying number given almost 90% of our respondents work in creative fields which rise and fall on the power of good ideas,” the report states.

“It seems we need to rethink the way we work and play particularly how we spend time in the office.

Independent thinking is also crucial when making decisions.

Sure enough, nearly 80% of creative professionals in a survey say they trust their own instincts and research when evaluating an idea.
Only 18% will run an idea past colleagues and friends.

In polling creative’s around the world, We Transfer surfaced some fascinating geographic outliers.

For instance, when it comes to the biggest distractions to thinking about ideas, the French are more likely to blame their social life than their jobs, their partners, or social media.

The Chinese, meanwhile, are more prone to point the finger at their partners.

Though the growing body of evidence suggests brainstorming may not result in the best ideas, it isn’t entirely useless.

A Northern Illinois University study published in the Journal Communication Reports underscores its value as a team-building activity rather than a tactical meeting.

If nothing else, practicing tacit rules of brainstorming—positivity, openness, building on other’s ideas promotes team cohesion and trust.
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