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Do academic understand ‘unwrapping standards’?

Unwrapping standard is a simple strategy for teachers to identify the skills and content knowledge needed in a lesson to ensure students are able to learn from it.

A classroom process created by Larry Ainsworth (2003) to ensure what students are able to know and able to do in a lesson.

Alignment is an important principle in the curriculum theory which explains the assessment activities need to be aligned according to what the students need to know.

Constructive are from constructivism theory which refers to the idea that students create or construct their knowledge.

Knowledge built is the product from cognitive construction through activities for building structure, category, concept and schema needed for building the knowledge.

The basic concept and the process of unwrapping standards and constructive alignment need to be understood by all future teachers.

The standards in the curriculum document is a statement about what the students need to know and are able to do after learning a topic or a unit in a subject matter.

In our country, the curriculum standards are formulated at the central level (Curriculum Development Division) and then disseminated to schools to be implemented by teachers in the classroom.

Questions: How far do our teachers understood the standard contents found in the curriculum document and planning the teaching and learning plus running the right and correct assessment so that the knowledge and skills found in the standards are achieved?

Before starting the unwrapping standard process, teachers must refer to the curriculum document prepared by the Ministry of Education. MOE (KPM) had provided teachers with the Standard Curriculum and Assessment Document (Dokumen Standard Kurikulum Dan Pentaksiran (DSKP)) for each subject.

The document consists of 3 standards i.e. Content Standard, Learning Standard and Performance Standard.

Content Standard is the specific statement on what students should know and are able to work out in a specific schooling time consisting knowledge, skills and value aspects.

Learning Standards is the stipulated criteria or indicator of learning quality and the performance that can be measured for each content standard.

Learning standards are also specific statements about what students should know and can do in terms of knowledge or concepts understood and their ability to master knowledge, skills and values in measurable forms.

Learning standards do not show teaching and learning methods.

The goal is that teachers are given the opportunity and the opportunity to use creativity in the provision of conducive learning environments for pupils and thus form the concept and develop the skills, attitudes and values in the subjects taught.

Performance standards are statements about the level of student learning progress measured by the standard and also indicate the student's position in the development or progress of his learning.

Unwrapping standards means teachers need to analyze and identify the knowledge or concepts and skills contained in the standards and indicators.

Standard is a general statement of the learning outcome of which the instructor needs to know and can do.

Indicator is the outcome of learning subjects for a specific level.

The purpose of setting standards and indicators of the subjects listed in the curriculum document is to determine exactly what the student needs to know which the concept is.

The content of the subject is the thing that a student can do that refers to the skills that the student needs to master; through context or specific activity.

Generally in DSKP, the concept or knowledge is an important noun or noun phrase contained in standards and indicators while skills are usually expressed in the form of verbs.

Azizi Ahmad Mingguan Amanah Edisi 190 English 23-29 Februari 2020
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