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Be good and nice to each other

IT is difficult to be good and nice in a world where everything has changed a lot, including our personal values, traditional norms, integrity and accuracy.

We find there is a lack of love, lack of peace and security, lack of tolerance, lack of patience, lack of understanding, lack of acceptance, and lack of empathy in our lives.

People in this century have become more selfish than ever before. People today don’t try to understand other people’s feelings, needs and problems.

They always want to fulfil their own needs and goals even by hurting the feelings of others.

This century presents many new challenges for one’s personal, professional and social development.

The world is witnessing extraordinary progress in all walks of life, but it is becoming very difficult to be kind in today’s world because of the problems we face in our daily lives.

In this era of appropriate movement, we are required to gain knowledge about cognitive flexibility, patience in the face of pressure and creative thinking.

Although technology can make us more efficient in our personal, professional and social lives, it cannot help a person become good.

Let’s look at the main reasons why it is very difficult to be kind in today’s world.

Economic needs

Money is an important matter for us to live in this highly developed world. We need money for everything from buying food to paying bills. This financial need makes people willing to do anything to get money.

Now it has become difficult to get money, especially for those who come from the most privileged strata of society and those who have no chance of getting a better education.

We can meet many people who are involved in piracy, smuggling, trading, and many other illicit activities to fulfil their financial needs.

Religious intolerance

One of the main reasons that prevents someone from behaving well in this world is an intolerant attitude towards religion. Even today, people do not respect and kill one another for the sake of religion, which is a shame in our developed world of education.

Many problems and fierceness prevail in every corner of the world due to differences in views and beliefs in religion. There are many people who are too fanatical about their religion and cannot accept and respect other religions.

To be kind in today’s world, you must be open-minded and non-judgmental, which rarely applies when dealing with people who are deeply religious.

We have no right to interfere in other people’s religious beliefs and hurt their feelings. Keep in mind that everyone has the right to have their spiritual beliefs.

Inequality of rights

Inequality is the main reason why people fail to be good in modern society. A number of people today experience inequality in every area of their lives, including professional, personal and social life.

Separation of people, prejudice against women, the privileged position of the rich in society, etc. are still very common in our world.

A large number of poor people cannot get education while rich people always get advantages and privileges in educational institutions because they have money.

Women in some countries are paid too low compared to their counterparts at work for the same job.

A number of white people still think that they are superior to black people, and this increases the inequality in today’s society.

Role of gender

A large number of people assume that the gender problem does not exist in our day, but it is an incorrect response because it still exists in our modern developed world.

In a society, women do not enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as men.

Traditional prejudice is still seen in some parts of our world where men are superior and women are inferior.

Women are required to obey men fully and live for their men and children, sacrificing their goals and desires.

In some countries, women are not justified in working and seeking money for themselves because of the so-called gender roles.

Indeed there are many things that prevent people from being good in today’s world. The current century creates many challenges and obstacles although it also brings us amazing progress in all areas of life.

The time that we go through is cruel and difficult, and that is why things like honesty, sincerity, integrity and compassion towards fellow human beings are very important today. – July 3, 2020.

* Azizi Ahmad Malaysian Insight Your Insight 3 Jul 2020
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