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Give children wings to fly

Parenting is a lifelong investment. It is not easy to raise good, emphatic and  empowered children.

Parents must be steadfast and continue to 'nurture' children throughout their lives. There is no equivalence term from the dictionary of compassion.

However, there is no right or wrong way to act as parent to children.

That is why more often than not, parents finally found something new about themselves in the process.

One of the things that we as parent always learn is leadership skills.

Most of us who have become parents, of course, get leadership lessons from our elders.

As parents, we tend to expect perfect babies or children when first designing a family.

We often forget a lot of effort that will be done and things accepted by a child. We need to be willing to accept good or bad about our offspring.

We often only see from the emotional standpoint of the case and the happiness we will gain from the birth of a child, often forgetting the greater challenges we will go through.

The same case applies to gaining leadership positions. It is wrong to expect only good things to apply.

As a leader, you should be able to measure the challenges that will arrive early and be prepared.

As stated in most maternal guidance books, it is important for parents to cut the umbilical cord when the time is right.

Parents need to act as facilitators and are not expected to make decisions for their children as they grow up.

You must let your children explore, make mistakes and find their own way of life.

The same case applies in terms of leadership. Your responsibility is to find the right tool and slowly paint the principle.

After that, you have to let your subordinate staff take and make decisions and trust them. You also only act as a facilitator compared to the perpetrators. You only help to make things worse.

We must expose children to all kinds of knowledge and skills at a young age and then let them choose for themselves and meet their personality.

In the same way, organizations and leaders need each worker to develop in their own way.

Having the freedom to know their professional personality will improve their performance and productivity.

As leaders, we need to understand the difference between ordering or giving instructions to the work to be done and motivating your workers to do it.

Children often imitate the behavior of their parents, that's why you have to be careful when you are with children.

Sometimes they emulate character from their parents who is not supposed to be healthy.

Likewise leaders, they must also lead by example.

In an effort to develop a specific work environment, you must first instill and practice it yourself.

Such leaders demand more respect and so on, completing tasks faster.

Studies show that children belonging to families with many conflicts will not be better than happy families.

Children need a lot of attention and conflict-free environment to develop. Like households for children, the work environment is for workers.

The conflicting and tense work environment gives an impression of their productivity.

The leader has a big role in managing the environment, however, you must be emotionally stable so as not to conflict with circumstances.

Azizi Ahmad The STAR Educate Let’s Hear It 09 Aug 2020
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