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Play-Play Essay: No one is always smart and intelligent

Print money: 'Wan Fayhsal a reflection of the country's leadership conflict'  dated 20 November 2020 is a concern

Many came forward to criticize the 'money printing theory' and debt amnesty by the Armada Chief and Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal

One of the Pejuang leaders who is still in the register, Tariq Ismail said that the Bersatu senator is just a manifestation of the shallow thinking that is also plaguing the country's leadership (especially the MUDA group) and it is clear that the senator is very vague about the problem statement that plagued the country.

Wan Fayhsal was also advised to look into the restructuring of the national debt carried out around 1997 to 2010 which did not require money printing.

Although, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal defended his proposal by saying that his critics "misunderstood" his proposal and made false assumptions, as this topic is indeed technical and needs further and basic discussion on the origin of money, and modern banking.

It seems that we have not yet calmed down with the ‘kereta terbang’ issue by a representative Minister from Bersatu and now we are having the issue of 'intellectuals' on "helicopter money" and "notes printing" brought by  a 'young leader' with the status of Deputy Minister (Senator) also from the same party.

On social media, there are some sketches of flying cars and the creation of banknotes in question.

The ‘abah’ leadership may be under scrutiny again and perhaps the people of Malaysia are also thinking about how our education system has also succeeded in producing highly educated people; creative, innovative and holistic.

It has also been said that those who aspire to be Ministers, politicians and leaders should have at least graduated from university but they are indeed university graduates and even from abroad.

Of course no one will wake up to think, "I want to do something very stupid today."

Choices that seem wise but ultimately quite dangerous.

Only the dumb and dumber will appear while thinking, "How can I attract and get the team to be with my current plan?"

You intend to motivate your team, but they will certainly fall further weak with what you show.

You intend to strengthen the relationship, but instead the relationship becomes tense.

We have all and will try to do good but to no avail.

You are of course and indeed serious; you really intend to help others and yourself.

We all realize by taking into account the fact that what appears to be beneficial is actually harmful.
No one deliberately chooses failure.

Irrelevant rules and procedures? There are good reasons.

Rules are designed to facilitate, protect, or enhance success.

Being vigilant and careful in making statements seems wise. But being overly cautious is foolish, especially in a turbulent environment.

Failure to evaluate policies and procedures results in wasteful behavior of resources, energy and time.

Shouldn't it be discussed first at the grassroots level to get rid of unnecessary and ancient rules.
Acting wisely and smart is a particular situation.

You end up being a failure and foolish enough when you do not adapt to changing circumstances.

Act wisely and smart and also according to time.

What is good, wise and intelligent the last time  can be ‘moronic  and stupid’ the next day.

A smart leader then becomes a fool.

When you believe something is true - but it is not - you end up doing stupid things.

Positioning and holding a high position in a leadership position does not improve your intelligence (IQ); in fact it may make you a failure.

Good intentions seem wise at first.

But good intentions do not destroy self-confidence and closed thoughts.

It is better to think you are stupid when you are smart than to think that you are smart when you are stupid.

What if you do not know as much as you think?

What if someone else is right?

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are confused.

No one is always smart and intelligent in the room.
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