April 16th, 2009

Quiz: Do You Know Them ... ?

Who are these people, what do they have  in common ? Are they the people's choice ?  Till today, only 6 (six) people had been the PM,  with Dato Najib Tun Razak the latest.  Who's the next or the number 7? Is it the PKR advisor? Is it going to be Tan Sri Muhyiddin?
People following history will agree that history repeats. As in the likes of the late Tun Abdul Razak, his son Dato Najib follows suits, and sooner Dato Hishamuddin will follow the late Tun Hussein Onn. I guess the tenure will also be short as in the likes of the former PM, if Tun Razak held office  from 1971-1976 or a one-term office , I think Najib will follows to; so if Dato Hishamuddin becomes the next PM ,he will also be in office for a short  period (as in history); so know who will be the 7th PM ... look thru the article and see for yourself .....  believe it or not !
They called him the Father of Independence
Bapa Pembangunan (Father of Development).
Bapa Perpaduan (Father of Unity).
Bapa Pemodenan (Father of Modernization).[
What do people call him ?

And this ....   ?

What !!!! Who is this fella ... ? Believe it or not  ?