May 2nd, 2009

The Wedding In Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

I was invited 2 months ago from this date for this wedding at 28, Jalan 9/6, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. This wedding is to celebrate Nazliah Mohd Hanafiah and Romi Chendra Abdul Aziz (Batang Kali). Nazliah is the daughter of Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hanafiah Abidin (UiTM) and Puan Najemiah Amir Husin (SK Seksyen 6, Shah Alam).

I knew Nazliah ever since she was small and 20 years after, the child is now married today 02.05.09. How time flies...but of course, I had to attend this wedding as the father and mother is still my friend of more than 10 years.

When we reached Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, we saw cars parked by the roadside (left and right) and RELA staffs were busy handling the traffic. We had to parked a bit further from the wedding's place and we saw 15 canopies filled with guests.

A grand wedding I guess, and of course my intention besides the wedding is to meet former friends of the Applied Sciences (at the least, as I know the  patron will be busy). The first I met was Ayob's sister who was one of the usherer; we had a small chat and my wife, Afiq, Aqilah and me were shown the table. Food and drink are not in my mind, and luck is with me as I saw and met Assoc Prof Othman Kio and Assoc Prof Dr Zainuddin table still vacant. My family and myself just went straight and help ourself with "tapai pulut" wrapped with rubber leaves, I had 10 pieces of it (so sweet and delicious) with 2 glasses of teh tarik.  My wife and kids  had the nasi beriani with chicken curry, rendang daging, acar buah and etc.

At the table, Assoc Prof Othman Kio and me were throwing friendly 'curses and swearing' at each other , what was 5-10 years left were thrown again; that's what we used to do as it's considered normal and lovingly between us. We are close-friends actually and still are. Among others I met; Che Mohd Som Chai and wife; Khalid Demang, Roslan Saarip (my student of KDPOUM/PPD Shah Alam/Petaling), Dr Wan (?), Ahmad Kambali (my former colleague of Peneruk,  Pontian; a dendrology and wood anatomy expert) and Nora (his wife, a food technology expert), Puan Ropenah Samuri and ex-YB Adun Sungai Manik, Ibrahim Katop and wife (now residing at 4, Jalan 9/13, Seksyen 9, 41000 Shah Alam) plus some others

I waited until the 'bersanding' and also hoping to see the likes of others but had to move to another friend's place in USJ. Being at the wedding (at the least) was to ensure that friendship still remains to be seen; thank you to Assoc Prof Dr and wife for your invitation. May Allah bless us all.

The Bride's Father
The Bride's Father Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hanafiah Abidin 28, Jalan 9/6, Seksyen 9, 40100 Shah Alam
03 55107276 (Home) 019 2246323 (Handphone)
The Former Instructors
The Former Instructors Mastaji Ajiji (the kheru khek of IPBA) and Che Mohd Som Chai Said (now Lecturer, Rubber Plastic Technology (UiTM) ) seen behind Somchai's wife
Here comes the groom
Here comes the groom  Romi Ehendra Abdul Aziz of Batang Kali
dated 02.05.09
The Bride
The Bride Nazliah Mohd Hanafiah ... happy  smiling waiting for the groom  ...  what is she's thinking (your guess is as good as mine)
Right Here Waiting
Right Here Waiting
Changes after more than 20 years, I knew her since she was just a little girl
The Shy Groom ... buat-buat malulah tu ....
The Groom and The Bride  ....  what do you think they are thinking ?
The Bridgegroom in whites ....
The May 2009 Wedding
Best Wishes
Best Wishes Romi Ehendra Abdul Aziz and Nazliah Abdul Aziz
Doa Selamat
Doa Selamat Reciting prayers for the couple
The Father
The Father ... watching happily ...
With Assoc Prof Dr Jamil  (Textile Technology)
The Bride's Mother
The Bride's Mother Puang Najemiah Amir Husin (SK Seksyen 6, Shah Alam)
Long Time Friend
Long Time Friend I cannot forget the Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hanafiah kindness towards me; I still remember when he signed my 'borang penjamin' for my studies without even looking and just said "go and comeback with pride"
Thank you Tuan Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hanafiah for inviting me to your daughter's wedding. May you be blessed with beautiful grandchildren and of course the title 'datok' coming soon ..

Wasalam.  Dated 02.05.09

All pics were taken by Muhammad Afiq Azizi (who else if it isn't him)