September 17th, 2010

Thinking out of the box

Sunday September 12, 2010 Thinking out of the box

China wants its youngsters to get their creative juices flowing instead of blindly memorising facts.

CHINESE schools have to get their students to be creative and think for themselves, instead of expecting them to only memorise facts and figures.

Its Premier Wen Jiabao has said that rote-learning which is deeply ingrained in the national education system, should be replaced with other methods of learning where students will begin to think and analyse.

Students in China perform well in exams and tests in which they are required to memorise answers, but rate less well in creativity and critical thinking, hampering the country’s ambitions to move its economy up the value chain.

Quoting Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein, Wen said imagination was more powerful than knowledge.

“Students don’t only need knowledge, they have to learn how to act and use their brains,” Wen said. The scientistis had also written that the spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in strict rote learning.

“We must encourage students to think independently, freely express themselves, get them to believe in themselves, protect and stimulate their imagination and creativity,” Wen said.

Other countries in Asia, including Singapore and Japan, have struggled to address similar problems in education systems which stress exam results and conformity.

China’s ruling Communist Party keeps a tight grip on what can be taught in schools and allows no dissent on sensitive subjects.

Wen did not suggest how schools were supposed to alter their teaching methods to encourage freer thinking, but said that education reform was vital for the country to develop and prosper. — Reuters

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Overworked teachers losing their temper

2010/09/17 By Ling Poh Lean

KUALA LUMPUR: Some teachers are losing their temper with students or engaging in unprofessional conduct because they are overworked, according to the National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council.

Its chairman, Professor Datuk Mohamad Ali Hasan, said they were being burdened with administrative work, which led to a lack of passion, patience and professionalism.

"Some have little passion for the job. This is probably because they are being overloaded with non-academic duties, such as administrative work," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

He said teachers needed clerical assistants for non-academic duties to help them be good teachers.
He was commenting on reports yesterday about a music teacher who threw a metal hand-percussion shaker at a pupil and another music teacher who was sentenced to 25 years' jail and two strokes of the rotan for molesting a pupil.

"I think teachers have to be disciplined before they can discipline pupils."

He suggested that teachers undergo identity crisis workshops since there had been several cases recently that highlighted a lack of morality in their ranks.

"They perhaps lose touch with their identity as a teacher when they mix with the wrong company."

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Loke Yim Pheng said teachers who could not follow the professional code of ethics should leave.

"We only want quality teachers who are professional enough to control their emotions."

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Tapping into the minds of future leaders

 CHILDREN need greater interaction and exposure to other ethnic groups from a young age to inculcate a more tolerant way of thinking.

These future leaders require an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

So says Zarina Nalla, policy and project development consultant with the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, at a recent forum entitled Nurturing the Minds of Future Leaders on UCSI University Kuala Lumpur campus.

Themed multiculturalism, freedom and intellectualism, the forum highlighted the way to better prepare today's youths to take on the challenges of tomorrow as the nation's leaders.

"(A child) needs to live the experience, and she won't have the understanding if she is in her comfort zone all the time," says Zarina. "You need to see and hear the others. We are all part of one society."

Malaysian children are often separated by ethnicity during primary school, making it difficult for them to overcome stereotypes. Likewise, Zarina feels that Malaysian youths are often exposed to ethnic stereotypes and power plays from a young age, which leads them to a similar mindset as adults.

But Zarina says: "The concept of equal citizenship can be taught to a seven-year-old."

Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs director Wan Mohamed Firdaus Wan Mohamed Fuad, one of the forum panellists, feels that the problem with Malaysian society today is its lack of encouragement for natural born leaders to assume leadership roles.

He says those who are smart and would make the best leaders are encouraged to read Medicine or Law instead of Politics.

Wan Mohamed Firdaus says youth also lack the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their future and restrain from challenging family pressure to enter into a specific field.

He adds youth need the ability to make these decisions from young to prepare them for the more difficult ones in the future, which will normally fall on the shoulders of leaders.

Another panellist, Perdana Leadership Foundation general manager Zarina Abu Bakar, was of the opinion that today's young people need to be more politically engaged in order to become better leaders.

"Responsible leadership starts from being responsible citizens," she says. "To become leaders of the future we have to start by being aware of current concerns."

She also stresses that youth need to develop their knowledge base in order to achieve Vision 2020 -- Malaysia's goal to create a fully-developed economy and unified society within the next decade.

The forum was held in conjunction with the Perdana Leadership Foundation essay writing competition, Malaysia in a Globalised World, which is open to locals between the ages of 18 and 25 to help develop awareness of nation-building in today's youths. Established in 2003 to support Malaysia's future development, the Perdana Leadership Foundation aims to provide youth insight into the contributions of the nation's leaders by showcasing the history and work of previous prime ministers.

For details on the contest, which closes on Sept 30, visit

Source: Campus watch: Tapping into the minds of future leaders

Menu Ramadan + Wine -Terimakasih Tuhan, Ianya Jumaat

 Walaupun sudah Syawal perkongsian begini haruslah diteruskan .. maaf kerana terlewat

Subang Parade, Subang, 25 Ogos, 2010

Sudah berapa ramai umat Islam yang menelan makanan di sini.  Sudah berapa ramai umat Islam ‘berbuka puasa’ di sini dengan Menu Ramadan yang dihidangkan.

Dan bagi mereka yang pernah makan di sini samada di bulan Ramadan atau hari-hari lain, sudah terang-terang berlaku penipuan dalam gambaran halal yang diberikan.

Kerana restoran makanan barat ini, memang telah diketahui menghidangkan arak di dalam menunya, malah arak boleh dilihat dengan jelas di dalam premis ini.

Mana mungkin dikeluarkan sijil halal oleh pihak berkuasa kepada premis sebegini.

Malangnya, demi menjaga standard,imej ataupun maukan kelainan, umat Islam sanggup memejamkan mata, memekakkan telinga – bedal apa sahaja yang terhidang.

Serbuan dilakukan oleh Unit Aduan Halal Jakim bersama KPDNKK berikutan aduan awam yang mendakwa terdapat keraguan dalam hidangan �Buffet Ramadan� di situ.

Menu makanan bercampur arak Jack Daniels – ada logo halal lagi…

Hasil pemeriksaan didapati bahawa restoran tersebut ada menawarkan menu utk berbuka puasa walhal restoran tersebut statusnya adalah tidak halal.

Lebih mengejutkan lagi terdapat pada menu utama Logo halal JAKIM dan ditampal logo tersebut pada semua hidangan yang tidak halal.

Menurut maklumat wakil syarikat, restoran tersebut telah beroperasi sejak 15 tahun lalu dan memang menyediakan makanan yang tidak halal yang mengandungi alkohol atau dimasak dengan arak.

Penolong Pengarah Cawangan Halal KPDNKK, Ismail Hamzah berkata, Syarikat tersebut telah menggunakan perbahasaan halal dan menggunakan logo halal JAKIM tanpa sijil Halal yang sah.

Penggunaan terma �Buffet Ramadan� atau �Menu berbuka puasa� boleh mengelirukan pengunjung yang beragama Islam dan ada yang telah menjamu selera dengan memakan makanan yang tidak halal.

Menurutnya, dalam pemeriksaan rapi yang dibuat mendapati makanan yang disediakan seperti daging dan ayam di rendam dan dicampur dengan arak dan di peram.

Antara bahan utama untuk pemeraman – red wine

Pemeriksaan lanjut di bahagian dapur restoran menemui beberapa botol wain masakan yang digunakan oleh chef sebagai bahan dalam masakan.

Chef bukan beragama Islam berkenaan mengaku mencampurkan wain terbabit ketika memasak juadah yang turut disajikan di dalam hidang bufet Ramadan dan turut mengaku memasukkan kicap mengandungi alkohol di dalam kebanyakan masakannya yang dianggap sebagai perisa tambahan bagi menyedapkan masakan.

Pemeriksaan lanjut turut mendapati berlaku penyalahgunaan logo halal Jakim apabila logo terbabit sengaja dicetak pada lampiran menu yang diedarkan kepada pelanggan,dan mendapati semua helaian katalog ,menu yang ditawarkan restoran terbabit sengaja diletakkan logo halal Jakim palsu.

Antara bahan mentah tidak halal dan mengandungi alkohol

Jelas, pemilik restoran tidak pernah memohon sijil halal dan pihak Jakim pastinya tidak akan membenarkan logo terbabit diguna pakai berikutan restoran berkenaan turut menawarkan arak kepada pelanggan.

Restoran benar-benar cuba memanipulasikan logo halal Jakim selain mengeksploitasi bufet Ramadan resipi `arak’ bagi mengaut keuntungan lebih.

Susulan penemuan mengejutkan itu, semua katalog yang mempunyai logo halal Jakim palsu berkenaan selain risalah iklan berkaitan bufet Ramadan ditawarkan dirampas.

Pengurusan restoran diberikan notis berdasarkan kesalahan dilakukan kerana memalsukan logo halal Jakim,

Pengusaha boleh dikenakan tindakan di bawah Seksyen 15(1) Akta Perihal Dagangan 1972 yang membawa hukuman denda RM250,000 atau tiga tahun penjara atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Sebagai peringatan:

Tiga perkara utama Yahudi hendak merosakkan umat Islam iaitu dengan cara halus, menggunakan Formula 3F

1 - Serangan melalui Fashion (fesyen)

2 -Serangan melalui Fun (hiburan)

3 - Serangan melalui Food (makanan).

Semua telah berjaya mereka kuasai.

Sedarlah wahai ummah!!!

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