November 9th, 2017

Opting for the easy way out

The writing on ‘Plagiarism and paper chase’ (Nov 7, 2017) is of course of interest to many readers especially the academics.  It seemed to justify the statements and writings that give an idea of ​​the inabilityof our students in a competitive learning world.

Most of the students they don’t really know why they’re studying and what they really want to achieve.

Some of them are there to get a degree and some just to spend some time with friends. These are the students involved in copy and paste or plagiarism.

Forcing exclusive expectations without building up a solid emotionally supportive network based on human and budgetary assets to guarantee student’s achievement is not right.

All those with clear goal in mindalways move in right direction. They’ll learn and get some knowledge requiredto be there. So its lack of interest leads to short cuts.

By what means can students be relied upon to accomplish elevated expectations without very much knowledgeable and arranged educators, excellent educational modules and such fundamental instruments as proper course books and manipulative materials?

Come April and October each semesters, educators and students of higher learning institutions will be hot on heels as one will be busy doing their writings and the other party having a hell of a time to mark and grades assignments.

Though briefed by educators on the implications of ‘copy and paste’ which may lead to plagiarism, still some students didn’t resist copy paste materials.

Students are said to be busy with all sorts of activities and didn’t want to spend time with studies. It is right to some extent; but not the major cause.

After all, they attended all theirclasses, attempted the quizzes, studied for their exams, but when it came to assignments, a question mark pops-up on why they couldn’t make themsuccessfully right.

Maybe they are not keen on doing the ‘hard work’ they are supposed to do. But my guess is that the ‘copy and paste’  starts in the primary schooling especially the ‘School-Based Assessment’ (Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah).

Can anyone comment on the ‘portfolios’ by our children? As parents, did you go through the ‘portfolio works’ done by them? Can anyone deny that most are ‘copy and paste’?And yet they go through high scoring. The markers and graders, are they aware of this?

A wide range of individuals had beendealing with their education some way or another which was astonishing.

We do agree that, it is quite possible that human to perform similarly great in all regions all the while. Thus, they won't not have had enough time to spend on wanted research and writing.

Shockingly, it wasn't the genuine fizzling variable either.

Students in our generation are not used to using or finding other references such as card catalogs so it may behard for them to use it when they need to.

Lack of reference materials may cause students to continuously use online resources, which could be unreliable.

Students' academic performances are being affected for it is hard to understand the lessons if there are no proper and reliable references to study.

What comes to me is that the students lack writing skills. In spite of the fact that the semester framework is said to permit students to think critically  and utilize their diagnostic capacities while considering, they were "shocking" acquainted with another educational  culture where they were urged to address, reflect and contend during the time spent autonomous learning.

Be that as it may, when they are needed to write down on paper, the majority of them got desensitized.

They didn't know how to change their contemplations into sentences, how to mesh sentences into sections and how to orchestrate passage to talk their psyches unmistakably. Which language and organization ought to be utilized to make their work look scholastic?

We just cannot blame the said rote learning schooling that never allowed them to learn and experience the art of writing.

I also don’t think that the system never permitted them to think and write differently than what was the part of their books or notes given by teachers.

So when they enrolled as college students, it was a new scenario where they not only had to think independently but also supposed to express genuinely.

They now had the feeling that writing is exhausting, terrifying and excessively difficult, with the exception of the individuals who originated from far reaching tuition based schools or had characteristic styles and interests for composing.

For the most part, they needed expertise, fearlessness, excitement, vitality, time and expert direction on the most proficient method to form their assignments.

In this way, they were left with the main or potentially simple way out that was Copy and Paste. At any rate, along these lines, they could present their course writing extends on time.

There is some issue at teaching side too. It is found and encountered that a considerable lot of the educators are less sincere to their profession.

They give marks for simply their own particular composed notes as opposed to requesting that students get included in gainful examinations, genuine stories and contextual investigations.

Some educators themselves lacked the ‘pedagogical content knowledge’.

Such educators are additionally contributing in copy and paste, so the entire framework should be surveyed.

Educating is an honorable calling and an educator can make contrast through creating eras. There’s no such thing as sympathy in marking.

We do have the programs to help them learn the art of writing and composition; that took them from correct grammar to the use of Microsoft Word, general composition, critical reviews and research papers writing. But maybe they are not serious enough, not given ample hours of tution or even the instructors are just plain knowledge themselves.

There should be Professional Creative Writing Programs in various genres of Fiction and Non-Fiction as part of the degrees respectively. It would help students to trust themselves with their skills and professional approach towards their work.

Azizi Ahmad The STAR Opinion Letters November 9, 2017