March 9th, 2019

Let's Bamboo

The content of the report “Forget oil palm, plant bamboo” was acceptable, but its headline was not.

Anything coming from the current ministers or politicians are now been analyzed by many.

That’s a positive sign telling the world that there are many educated Malaysian now.

An old wise Malay saying on bamboo was quoted as ‘to bend is from its shoots’ but ‘bamboo’ is not stated in the Kamus Dewan Bahasa.

The proverb gives to the meaning that ‘in order for children to learn, we need to teach them at the early stage and not when they reach adulthood’.

When they are big enough, it's hard to bend them. If it's hard to bend, then it's hard to be reprimanded, listening to old people's words are sometime too difficult to swallow.

But that’s the reality of old wise people in putting up their minds and words.

We also need to ask; do young people today know or know about bamboo shoots?

Perhaps the ones growing up in developed cities do not even know and seen or they may not even know that bamboo shoots can be eaten or edible.

Well bamboo shoots, is young bamboo which grows at first and tastes good when it comes to cooking or you know how to serve it.

There are many ways to cook these bamboo shoots, just need to recite the recipe. There are recipes for bamboo shoots just Google them.

And when cooking these bamboo shoots there is also a way to avoid bitterness when eaten.

In contrast to the proverbial bending from bamboo shoots, there must be a way.

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